Do Models and Actresses Only Want To Date and Attract Rich Men?

Is there only one type of man for a model or an actress?

We look at super-hot and attractive couples and wonder if they are happy in their relationships. A supermodel might appear as though she has a life that is amazing and on top of the world, but in some cases it could be the exact opposite. Models and actresses are seeking normalcy because they are under huge amounts of pressure to stay perfect. They need to be sure they keep their bodies ultra skinny, they could never even fathom a wrinkle, and no matter what, they have to keep themselves together.


For people who watch the news or live in a city where there are a great deal of models and actresses running around, you get to see this close-up. That perfect 10 girl with the body that is beyond perfect who is running errands or meeting someone will sit down in front of you, and suddenly all kinds of crazy fantasies are playing out in your creative mind. This is normal, because pretty women are something that men can appreciate. Then, a man walks in wearing an expensive suit and a Rolex watch, to greet this lovely lady. Remember that looks can be deceiving. A great deal of money might impress these ladies, but with money also comes a great deal of bullshit drama. Many men that are very rich can be rude and mean to women, whether they’re supermodels or actresses or simply very pretty ladies. In the beginning, a new-to-the-game model or actress might have her goals all figured out. She may want to be with a very rich man, because she thinks she can pull it off. However, this goal will change, because being with a rich man has its perks, but it also has many downfalls that can be heartbreaking for these ultra-elite women.

Rich man: Pros and cons

Imagine a five-foot-10-inch young woman in her early 20s, with a successful modeling career and opportunities for acting jobs being offered to her daily. One day she is walking through a parking lot of a building for a major film production company and a very wealthy man spots her. He is worth millions of dollars and is used to being able to get anything he wants. Naturally, he is going to approach her and ask her out. What young woman is going to say no when an expensive sports car drives up?  The chances of that happening are slim to none. When models and actresses are approached like this, they are flattered, but they are also seeing options that might help them in their career, or even a future that could lead to marriage. Sad, but many women think like this. The problem with it is that it’s a fairy tale that blows up in these attractive ladies’ faces all the time. The date for this new hot “it” couple could be pleasant, and both people are attracted to each other for various reasons, but there is always a motive in the back of their minds. The model is thinking dollar signs and of a great way to live her life. The rich man is thinking arm candy, but he also has a secret. Many times these rich men have a wife or several mistresses. Women who think they are the only one are delusional. Keep Reading...

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