Can A Woman Truly Be Happy In A Relationship – Part II

Is there such a thing as a happy woman in a relationship?

There are women who are truly happy in their relationship. They average from 10 to 30 percent of women as a whole. These women have morals and values. They are faithful to their husbands or the man in their life. They dress appropriately, not trying to bring negative attention to themselves by wearing short shorts from which their butt is hanging out, or dresses that they can barely squeeze into and that their breasts are falling out of, exposing their nipples.

Women who are happy are not influenced by others (for instance, their girlfriends telling them to come hang out with them at the club). These “friends” are always trying to introduce happy women to another man because of jealousy, and a lot of time because they wish they had their friend’s man. They will lie and ask her why she is allowing her man to control her, trying to bring negativity into her household.

A happy woman keeps herself together spiritually and physically. She smells good for her man, lifts him up when he is down and trusts him to be the head of their household. She is clean with herself, the house and makes him a good meal. She rubs her man down with oil and kisses him all over his body. She never turns him down when he wants to make love and she initiates lovemaking, too. She listens to her man and never uses personal things he shares with her against him. These are things that will make a man fall in love with a woman, and they are out there, just hard to find.

On the other hand, 70 to 90 percent of women are never happy or satisfied, no matter what kind of man they are involved with. They can have a man like Adam and still do what Eve did, looking for someone or something to fill a void in their life. These unhappy women will never get that void filled, because the only void is them. They will have husbands that are faithful to them and take good care of them, but it is still not enough.

These women will cheat on their husbands just because they can, and they have no remorse. They blame men for why they have sex with multiple partners. The men they sleep with talk about them, calling them whores, prostitutes, sluts and tramps, after the men get what they want.

These women can’t be happy in a relationship because they are not happy with themselves. These are women that have to be in complete control, otherwise they will move on to the next man.

They are out of control with anger. They deceive their man, and some of them have children by other men than their husband, who has no idea that they are not his. They keep chaos going in their homes, a lot of the time because they don’t want to have sex with their man. They spend money unnecessarily on a lot of foolishness. They will sell themselves for their children to have designer clothes, shoes, toys and more.

They work on destroying happy relationships between married couples because of their jealousy. Married men are their targets. If they can put a wedge between a husband and his wife they will do it by all means necessary. They refuse to work on whatever problems are going on in their own relationship because they love drama. For them, to have to change and act like a lady means they would no longer have an excuse to act like a whore. Keep Reading...

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.