Women Have The Power To Help Better Men

Love, Self

Realize the power & energy within yourself. Women have the power to change the planet.

A strong woman does not have to fuss or speak over her man. She does not have to curse or point her finger in his face. She just has to lead by her example. By that example, whether men like it or not, they will respect you. Isn’t this what every woman truly desires? A woman will never achieve respect by doing the opposite. Gaining respect from a man is doing the opposite of what society has recently shown, of how women currently act when they are mad, frustrated, etc. Those actions on her part are counterproductive to the results she desires as evidenced by the high divorce rate and the many broken families.

Let’s call this exercise in logic a spiritual reset. As we are a spiritual image of the earth, even the earth needs spiritual resetting so that its X and Y axis are in balance. Out of all the relationships I have personally had, the one I respected the most was...to continue reading this article go to: www.HowToGetTheManOfYourDreams.com