Why Katie Holmes Filed For Divorce From Tom Cruise

Why Katie Holmes Filed For Divorce From Tom Cruise [EXPERT]

Check out these two theories about why the couple who had everything called it quits.

Since the announcement last week, many people are speculating about what made Katie Holmes file for divorce from Tom Cruise. She appeared to have everything a girl could dream of, an amazing career, a devilishly handsome husband, a beautiful daughter and more money than a person could spend in a lifetime. What was Katie's deciding factor? Here are two possible answers.

1. Tom's gay. The first is that there was a lack of honesty in the relationship, especially since there are many rumors flying around Hollywood regarding Tom's sexuality. These rumors have consistently followed him ever since his marriage to Nicole Kidman collapsed. Everyone in the industry knows that most people in Hollywood who are either gay or bisexual remain closeted due to their public personas. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Do They Deserve Each Other?

With that being said, it is best for all parties involved to just be honest with themselves, and the public, before they enter into a relationship. People should not be afraid to admit their sexuality because of their movie star status. We will still go see the next Mission: Impossible film, even if Tom is gay or has a boyfriend because we love the movie concept. The lesson here is that we should all be ourselves.

We know Tom has an image to uphold, but he will still be just as tough in Mission: Impossible 5 because he is a great actor. In reality, Tom will be the same great movie star he has already established himself to be whether his preference is women, men or both.

The truth heals all relationships. Tom Cruise is a great actor and Hollywood is a big business, but the one thing you can never buy is true love. Whatever kind of mask you wear, the real you will eventually come out.

On the other hand, Katie seems to have been a nice lady until she planned her divorce, catching Tom off-guard. This implication is downright dirty and shows a side of Katie that was not obvious to the public. It shows that she can fight dirty, if necessary. A true princess never does this. 18 Ways To Know Whether Your Friendship Is Turning Into Romance

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