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Should Women Be Barefoot, Pregnant & In The Kitchen?

Honestly although I believe in equal opportunity for all, it should be considered that when women have the choice more have chosen to speak and act more like men. There can be no order in a home when you have two conflicting ruling parties with equal status.


Have you been to Facebook lately? Have you seen the vast numbers of half-dressed women with their booties purposely pointed in the direction of the camera? What does it mean when a woman takes a picture for the general public and purposely points her butt towards the camera? Is she saying do you want to get to know my nice butt? Many of these women have kids, some on the photos right along with them. What kind of examples are she and the many other women setting for the younger generations of women that look up to them? I am not sure, but it is clearly a stretch from the examples set by women 40 years ago.

There are many issues we need to leave in the past, but there are also many values we should consider holding onto. We have to incorporate some basic desires and principals that we should stand by and keep or we are literally doomed as a society. We will have failed our children’s future.

Role Confusion

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-Relationship Coach Darius J.