Sex With An Incubus…eek!


Do you believe in spiritual beings? Well, hold on to your socks for what you are about to hear. While I was speaking in-depth with a friend of 20-plus years, she shared the most amazing and terrifying experience: sex with an incubus. Your first question might be, what is an incubus? As defined by, it’s “an imaginary demon or evil spirit supposed to descend upon sleeping persons, especially one fabled to have sexual intercourse with women during their sleep. Compare succubus” (Matthew 17:21; I will explain later).

What? Can this really be true? It’s no wonder why that, when renting an apartment or buying a home, the law states the owner must disclose to you if there has been a death there within the past three years. Seems odd, but what do they know that they are not telling us? 

All right, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s how Jay’s story begins: Jay had been living in the same apartment for two-and-half years and never noticed anything strange about her humble abode--until her boyfriend left. After the breakup, she had told him he needed to go find another place to live. As after most breakups, Jay began to feel lonely, so she started spending more time with her cousin and sister to fill the void.
Here’s where it gets interesting. Jay says she normally sleeps naked. Very sexy, I might say. And one day, she woke up and found that her vagina was wet, and wondering why she was so hot and bothered. She could not remember having an erotic dream, so she kind of brushed the incident off. But later in the day, she recalled having had a dream that someone was making love to her, though she could not identify an actual person. It was almost as if this person were translucent--there but not there. Yikes!

After this first incident, it happened again three days later. Soon, it started happening every day. Jay recalls that something was happening to her person. Whatever it was in the mist gradually increased its presence. It made Jay become more of an introvert than her usual outgoing self. Hmm, pretty wise for an incubus. Take your time and work it slowly; every woman loves that. Jay began to feel a little bit afraid, so she decided to keep more company away from home with her sister and family friend, in an effort to overcome her fears. She was not really sure what she was afraid of; she just knew something was different. She became unsure of herself, when normally she is okay with being home alone. Jay found herself spending time everywhere else she could, but not at home. She did not know why, but intuitively, she knew she did not want to be there. This resulted in her coming home, on a regular basis, at odd hours between 11 and one a.m, even knowing she had to be up early the next day to take her daughter to school and go to work. She noticed her behavior becoming very irregular.

One morning, a couple weeks after the first incident, Jay’s daughter woke before her mother, which was unusual. She witnessed Jay lying on her back asleep but moving back and forth, which caused the bed to rock, awakening her daughter, who was sleeping beside her. As her daughter woke her from the dream, Jay was still feeling the sexual act, but it quickly slipped away. It felt almost as though it were an interdimensional experience. Jay was surprised and embarrassed, because the dreams felt so good. She describes it as reciprocated in a 360-degree, all-encompassing moment, as if it were intertwined throughout her body, and resulting in Jay wanting to go back to sleep to finish the dream. Upon awakening, Jay realized she was wet again.
Jay was intrigued by the feeling but at the same time was fearful. She went to work that day, and as she was driving, she felt as if her pelvis were rocking, as if something were coming from the bottom of the car up onto the seat, up into her jeans and up into her, resulting in Jay having an orgasm. Jay felt like that whatever this thing was, its goal was to make her comfortable with this newfound experience.

Jay went home that same day and decided to sleep on the couch instead of in the bed with her daughter. After her daughter went to sleep, she had a couple of drinks to ease her mind, but she was not drunk. Being at home on the couch and broken up with her boyfriend, Jay decided to take all of her clothes off  and give herself clitoral stimulation. She lay on her stomach with her left hand between her legs, using the assistance of a pocket rocket. Can I say freaky? Jay felt really good as a result of the clitoral stimulation from the pocket rocket, but suddenly, she felt something slithering inside her vagina. (Jay, please remind me never to have sex with you.. yikes!) It dawned on Jay to remove her hand and let go of the pocket rocket, so she dropped it on the floor. While lying on her stomach, her body began to move more strongly, as the slithering feeling inside her vagina penetrated more and more. As a result, Jay was stuck in that position for two hours. Damn! What the …?!

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, she was stuck in that position for two hours getting ravished, as my papa would say. Even though she was lying on her stomach, her vagina was totally wet and so was the couch, as if she had been having sex. So she went to the bathroom to pee and clean herself up, because she was sweating as if she had just had sex. And as she looked in the mirror, she noticed that her hair was all over her head. She had butterflies in her stomach, and her vagina was throbbing. Jay was planning on going to bed, but something told her to return to the living room, so she did (freak!). She lay on the couch and ended up falling asleep around 1:30 a.m.
Jay woke up before dawn, around four or five a.m, and found herself on the floor lying on her back, legs wide open, arms back, moving back and forth. Her nipples were hard, like somebody was softly thumping them, and her vagina felt like something had been inserted in it. But no one, at least no human, was lying on top of her. Jay became fearful and tried to get up, but as she did so, she felt a pinch on one of her booty cheeks. Nothing and no one was present, but something told her not to move, because if she did, whatever it was would really scare her. (Whatever it was, Jay states it was not mean-spirited.)

So Jay never got up. She remained in that position until 10 a.m., getting ravished. She was fully awake and knew she was having sex with the unseen. Jay says it was better than a man, because although she was not with a man, the feeling was just as good--as if a man were there. But he wasn’t. What is that? Wow! Once Jay was finally released, she got up and scurried to get her daughter and herself ready for work and school. She hopped in the shower and started washing her back with soap. It burned, and when she looked in the mirror, she noticed that her back was slightly red and tender from the bottom of her buttocks to the top of her back, from being on the carpet for hours, having sex with the unseen. This was the first time she was aware of it actually happening. It was bold and aggressive.

This started happening every night. When Jay settled down for the evening, it would start on her bottom leg. Someone was tapping there, as if he wanted something. Then she would relax and fall asleep, When she awoke around two or three a.m., Jay would find herself on the floor having sex, all the way up to just before the sun rose. The mystery guest would always stop right before dawn.

Jay says this unseen phenomenon was trying to make her feel as if it were filling an empty void in her life. At the same time, no men tried to talk to her, her child’s father stopped calling and she felt like she could not tell her family because they would think that she was crazy.

Have you ever been in this position? This is why we are sharing this article. Matthew 17:21, as quoted from 1971’s “The Way: The Living Bible,” states, “But this kind of demon won’t leave unless you have prayed and gone without food.” (This verse is omitted in many of the ancient manuscripts). Are you hungry? Okay, let’s go eat. What kind of food would you like to eat?  Well, if you want to rid yourself of this type of demon, you must know what kind of food not to eat.

Let me explain. There are two types of food in the spiritual realm, which is where this incubus originates and lives. There is demonic food and angelic food. Fasting, as suggested in the verse above, refers to not eating demonic food, such as revenge, hate, depression, negative thinking, fear, worry, cursing, criticizing, destructive anger, lust of flesh, lust of eyes, lack of faith, lack of patience, love of money, an unruly tongue, doubt, arguments, fighting, dishonesty, holding a grudge, suicidal thoughts, vanity and pride. It is recommended that you fast from demonic food but eat lots of angelic food, such as expressing what you want, confidence, positive thinking, constant prayer, honesty, encouraging others, appreciation, compassion, smiling, greeting your neighbor, contentment, hope, apology, constructive anger, sacrifice, love and faith. If you refrain from eating demonic food and replace it with angelic food for 21 days, you will form a positive habit and a new way of thinking. You will rid yourself of the food the incubus needs to eat, thus ridding yourself of the incubus.
Now, are you ready to go eat? To be continued in Part 2...

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.