Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

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Horniness can be described as the desire to merge spiritually with another.

Let’s talk about sex, baby! You’ve all heard the song “Let’s Talk about Sex” by Salt-n- Pepa, right? Well, let’s do. A dear lady friend of mine gave an excellent definition of  horniness.  She described horniness as the desire to merge spiritually with another. Your desire to feel and experience new energies is constant.  We often call this lust. However, our bodies are naturally, constantly creating energy.

These energies carry feelings, emotions and life itself. When you feel what you believe to be lust or horniness, it is actually your body creating new energy, and this new energy wants to be released.

We see this naturally in our pets, e.g.,  “Hey China, get off of his leg.”  The desire of this release is often uncontrollable. When a person carries this uncontrollable energy and as it continues to grow without an avenue to release, it can often cause conflict within the body, causing a man or woman to do crazy things, make hasty decisions or masturbate. This can explain rape, molestation and other dark forms of sexual energy.

It says in that great book, the Bible, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them (Mathew 18:20).”  It is evident when you are having sex that feels good to a woman. She naturally calls for God, despite all rules and regulations.  Does not her natural outcry prove that God is present when two or more are gathered together?  Is it not further proof that when two or more are gathered together in a sexual act that not only is God present,  but other spirits are present as well, thus creating new life?

How many times were we instructed as children to never say the Lord’s name in vain? However, when a man and woman are having sex, I have never heard the Lord’s name called in vain so many times.  But maybe the Lord’s name is not being called in vain. Perhaps we subconsciously understand that God is present.  After all, not only have you called his name several times, a new birth is often sure to follow, which truly represents the miraculous workings of God’s hand and presence.

As it has been said many times before, each and every one of us is born with five fingers, five toes, two legs, two arms, a brain, a heart, etc. The human body is the most intricate computer system ever constructed, with its vast network of veins and muscles, and is truly a miracle-working wonder. It is amazing, and all of this results from one sexual encounter.  “Aww, isn’t she cute?”

On the deepest level sex is undeniably the purest form of communication between human beings. Sex goes all the way back to the basics from birth. No clothes, no names, no rules. It is an action based upon what is truly natural.

So the real question is, who turned sex into a bad act? Continue reading the rest of this article by going go: http://www.howtogetthemanofyourdreams.com/top-posts/lets-talk-about-sex-baby/


Relationship Coach Josh Cole