Don't Brush Off Love at First Sight, It Could Be True Love


Don't meet that special someone and regret not pursuing it the rest of your life!

Some things are reserved for the few, the proud, and the brave. Have you ever met a person with whom you had an instant spark sexually, physically, mentally, and spiritually? What is that? He's the one you can always call after a breakup, or even during your relationship, and it will be as if you spoke yesterday. It's almost as if time hasn't moved, and then you count the earth years in your mind and say, "Oh my god, it's been four years, three months and two days since we met." This person is even in your dreams.

What is this special connection that transcends normal time and space? It's similar to love at first sight. You don't even need to know any details about this person, it just instantly feels right. "I'll get the details later, come and dance with me, Billy." It's as if you've been dancing together your whole life. "How could this be? I just met you."

I'm not talking about lust, but a true soul connection that transcends space and time. Knowing his first name, last name and where he went to school all become irrelevant to this type of spiritual connection. It's like when you meet a person and say, "Don't I know you?"

The sex and lovemaking is amazing. Nobody else in your lifetime has known how to touch you this way. He massages your inner spirit while he is making love to you. He breathes life into you. It's the equivalent of lighting a firecracker each and every time you see each other. That spark is there no matter what man comes between you. Do y'all know what I am talking about?

The question is, should this relationship be allowed to transcend the normal rules and boundaries? Some of you try to fight it, but when you see that special somebody, it's like you just can't help yourself. Observing my buddies who find themselves in this position with women, as a relationship coach, it's all I can do not to laugh, because I know it's going down. But he and she both know the connection between them is an unstoppable runaway train. Should you just let go? You only live once, and certainly you don't want to live with regrets.

Does this relationship tie go even beyond this lifetime, which makes it so familiar? Is it possible that he is truly your soulmate from the past, and you have now met again? What should you do if you find yourself in this god-awful situation? Should you bless and be blessed? (I love blessings, by the way.) Or should you reframe what you're already doing in your mind?

Whatever your choice may be, as you've observed, you will be lucky to meet two people in your lifetime that you make this type of connection with. So be aware, and when that moments happens, cherish and relish it. In fact, if you are a true love seeker, grab that man, run for the hills, and never look back, because you've been blessed by the highest form of love: love at first sight in this realm, and perhaps a connection that developed over many moons.

The reason I am sharing this thought with you is because I've listened to person after person, myself included (and perhaps your mother and father can attest to this as well) with past regrets of letting that girl or guy in college slip away. Now they spend their entire lives with someone they settled for, as opposed to who they really desired.

So when you were old enough to go to your parents' class reunion, your mama had to fess up. She had such a gleam in her eye when she saw old Bill that she could not hide her inner happiness from you. I know it's hard to bear, but the truth will set you free and lead you to the life you deserve. Your mama now openly confesses to you, "Girl, Bill could have been your daddy." You know what that really means, right? It means Bill was the one who got away.

Many people have experienced this type of connection and have let it pass by, only to live with regrets because they did not have the experience to recognize what they had until it was gone. They ended up with the wrong person, but two kids later it was too late to turn back. Plus, Sally scooped up old Bill.

I certainly do not want you to end up with a lifetime of regrets, because the decision we make today is the one thing we cannot get back. We often miss our soul connections, because although we intuitively knew something is different, we were never taught the value of recognizing it. We must slow down and appreciate what is most important in life if we really seek true love. Good luck and happy loving.

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.