How He Knows She's 'The One'

the one

He will want to share with you all of his secrets, and care for you more than he cares for himself.

Once it happens, colors become numbers, numbers become letters, and letters turn into a confusion of emotion that leave you utterly baffled at what you are experiencing. For some people, time will even stop; preserving one of the most meaningful and memorable moments of your life. This whirlwind of events and emotion can happen at any time. The triggers can be seemingly inconsequential, but it's the small things you do that can make him fall for you, hard. What, you may be asking yourself, are those special elements that change his thinking from "she's a cool person" to "she's the one?" Most men will agree that there are some common things women do and say that create pivotal moments, leading to men having a sense that they cannot live another day or another moment without that special person. 

  • First Impressions: It is not uncommon to fall in love at first sight, but sometimes couples need to warm up first. First impressions are important to men in determining if he is courting someone who may be marriage material. The best relationships happen completely naturally from start to finish. From the very beginning, the interaction between couples should have some sense of this is right. Dating Etiquette: First Impressions Are Everything
  • Sense of Humor: Love can compensate for many shortcomings, but no matter how much you love someone, your life together will get dull if you can't laugh your way through it. Men recognize that choosing someone who is not rigid and is comfortable enough to share laughter with them, especially over the same things they find funny, is a win-win situation. Laughter ensures that life will remain lively and entertaining. And if couples can laugh together, it demonstrates that both of you get one another.
  • Challenges Us to Be a Better Person, a Better Man: It is always reassuring when a man finds a woman who can offer guidance and give encouragement to face tough situations. Listening to us vent is one thing, but challenging us to see things from another perspective and not take the easy way out to ignore the situation shows that you are someone we can rely on. It is easy to unconditionally support someone's every decision. But when women challenge men to live up to certain standards, it demonstrates that they are willing to share the burden. Women like this are consistent, predictable partners that men can count on. Men will not hesitate to marry a woman who realizes that as a couple, growth starts with each other. Take Your Love to the Next Level
  • Freedom to Pursue Our Passion: Everyone needs a personal passion or two; otherwise, life can become unfulfilling. Men tend to undertake a lot of projects and hobbies. When you show that you support him and respect the time he spends on his projects you demonstrate two critical characteristics: patience and reasonability. Keep in mind that when it comes to spending time with each other, it is quality, not quantity that matters. A person who values you, who makes the most out of the time you spend together and doesn't whine about separation portrays a person who can hold her own as a wife and as a mother. Now that is someone to plan a life with!

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