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What Is A Despicable Mom?

Common Sense

It takes two people to make a child and nature intended for the same two people to raise them. Just because some authority figure tells you can jump off a two story building and survive, would you do it? Please use the same common sense in raising your children or cast them into perpetual confusion. We are assuming that you would not jump off a ten story building without a parachute because the results would really hurt to say the least. If you knew denying your children time to be with their father would result in hurting them, would you do it?

A mother can never give a child the love and protection that a father provides a child, whether she understands his role or not. If is often the little things that father does in the middle of the night, like making sure the house is safe and secure, kids are warm and tucked in their beds that often go unnoticed. Daddy comes with a big kiss in the middle of the night, that often goes unnoticed again because everybody is asleep. Great father’s are always alert even while they sleep, always watching and protecting. When there is a security issue, it is he who will be the first line of defense and the first to answer the call. He will give his life to defend his family. In reverse a father can never give a child the love that a mother provides because he is a man, so those who are parents cut the crap and put the well being of the children first.

Absentee Father or Father Figure

It has been noted that women who grew up without a father/father figure or even with a good relationship with their father’s lack the common knowledge and trust to understand just how important a father’s role is in creating balanced thinking within themselves. Trusting a man to lead the relationship is often difficult because these women have never seen positive stable examples. Many have missed the experience of love and protection that a father normally provides only to be replaced by the selfish desires of the mother for the attention of men. The errors of the mother are now passed onto the daughter who often becomes innocent prey to unsuspecting men.

Consequently in on fatal swoop, the mother has now destroyed the child’s foundation of trust that a loving father could have provided as well as the trust and protection that should have been provided by the mother. Where does it leave the child? All are a result of the mother’s failure to understand the nature of a number of men in our modern day society. A father would be able to better prepare his daughter for the hidden traps placed by deceiving men. He would recognize and point out their tricks. In fact, jus the fact that the man you are dating knows you have a caring and loving father will help protect you from the games men play. A man that is not trying to do you right will not want to meet your father. “I’ll pass on this one”. A father is child’s ultimate protector and source of strength. To continue read this article go to:


-Relationship Coach Darius J.

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