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Should head butting your wife be a reason to get fired from your job?

If you do not want to play these traditional roles, then you should have a very clear conversation with the man of your dreams before entering into a committed relationship. Anything that goes against tradition should be discussed in detail so that you and your partner are on the same page and there is no role confusion. Essentially, you are challenging his manhood when you challenge him. This is something you do not want to do without giving him proper notice.

The most important point for a woman to learn is that when you are dealing with a fiery man, you meet fire with water not gasoline. You meet fire with love and calmness. If you have an issue, speak to your partner about it. But, please remember it is the way you speak to him that will make a difference in his response. Why Katie Holmes Filed For Divorce From Tom Cruise

If you know your man has a short temper, then approach him on a full stomach, very calmly. Never get excited while stating your point. Even if he gets excited, you must always stay calm. Getting excited will only cause him to grow angry. If you know your man is the type to blow up, you must mentally prepare yourself, before you address a major issue. You must be in a true state of calmness because this is the only way to defuse an angry man and get your point across.

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