The Most Important 60 Seconds In Any Relationship

The Most Important 60 Seconds In Any Relationship [EXPERT]
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Getting what you want from your man is as simple as knowing how to greet him at the front door.

It really starts with daddy's lack of love and affection and follows into a woman’s relationships, unless somewhere along the line some man says something like, "Hey, can I have a hug and kiss when I come through the door? They are free and make me happy."

Please remember men are macho, so it may be hard for him to admit what he desires. Always give a few lessons and examples of how you would like and expect to be treated.

The second strike is met with a warning. He will say, "I asked you very nicely before, with the understanding that you may not have grown up in an environment with hugs and kisses."

The third strike, you're out. The man realizes that it is hopeless and that the treatment he desires is just beyond your capabilities.

Affection is a natural trait that many women do not possess in our modern era. Men are really simple, so don't make it more complicated than it has to be. By following this one basic principle, your life and relationship will be so much simpler and happier. Best of all, you will get more of what you want. How He Knows She's 'The One'

Relationship Coach Blaise S.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.