1 Weird Trick To Have Men Begging For Your Attention


Why men overlook you even when you're making eye contact with them.

Susie went out to a bar with her girlfriend Last Friday night, she has been feeling down and kind of lonely lately because she isn’t getting much attention from any guys..

Susie works a lot, she also is a bit of an introvert makeing it a bit harder to be social and meet the right guy for her.

Even when susie goes out with her girlfriends, for some reason men still seem to over look her and don’t really give her the tme and day.

What is it that suise is missing to attract a man in her life?

Susie sometimes finds her self having to chase down men just to have a conversation and still at the end of the night she is left empty handed going back home alone and feeling loney again.

What exactly could susie do?

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Susie doesn’t understand the secret to getting a man to beg for her attention, instead she has been doing the complete oppsit.

Susie has been trying to get a man’s attention, and that’s not going to work, when your in a crowed room full of woman and your trying to get a man’s attention his eyes are moving all over the place it’s very unlikey you’ll get noticed.

What if you aren’t in to the whole bar scene,and you can’t even get a man’s attentiona at your local coffee shop you visit every morning?

What is it that men don’t like about you that’s making them just walk away and not even approch you?

Have you been left feeling like it must be you?

You aren’t pretty enough?

You don’t have the right body type

You’re boobs are to small

My but is to big..

whatever it is you have running through your head at the time when a man over looks you, it’s all wrong, non of those things matter to him..

If those don’t matter, then why aren’t you getting a mans attention?

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