Straight Pride Celebrations

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I keep reading about straight people insisting they should have a Straight Pride day or celebration. NEWSFLASH- You have that- every. damn. day.

As a straight ally, this kind of thinking is so disturbing to me. To those that think it is a good idea this little rant is for you...

Do you even consider what it would feel like to know that there is a chance that someone could beat you to death for simply looking or speaking a certain way or even holding hands with your significant other when you walk down the street? Do you even have one ounce of understanding and compassion of what it means to be a targeted minority?

If you are one of the naive folks who does not think this happens anymore, go ahead and subscribe to some of the LGBT+ organizations on social media and watch your timeline explode with news stories of violence and discrimination that happens daily right here in the good 'ol USA.

Let me be clear about one thing... ONLY FROM PRIVILEGE can people DECIDE whether they want to do something like this, whereas LGBT+ Pride celebrations come from NECESSITY in order to stand up for equal civil rights, justice, safety, and respect. Straight and Cis people have ALWAYS had those things with regard to their sexual orientation and identity.

Demanding equality when you are already in a superior position in society makes you part of the bigotry whether you think so or not and your ignorance does nothing but cause further damage to the victims of so much injustice because you are demanding to acknowledge something that already makes your life easier.

It is like a rich person demanding to have special acknowledgment about the hardships of being rich and not only makes you look like an arrogant, ass it sends a strong message that you do not have the first clue as to what it means to be poor.

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If you are one of the privileged like myself but think you need a special celebration for being straight or cis... stop complaining about what you already have and go make the world a better place by doing what you can to bring true equality to the world. We do not have time for this shit, there are people who actually need help and you are wasting our fucking time like an asshole who calls 911 to ask about cosmetics tips.