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6-10 years


Columbia MO 65202 - United States



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Consultant, Health Coach, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I educate, encourage and support the option to prevent and health health challenges through the use of therapeutic essential oils.

About Pamela Heyen

In December of 1999 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic migraines and for six years, I existed in a very dark and lonely place. 

My outgoing, social personality became one of depression and despair. My days were spent in bed, in pain and with little or no contact with the outside world. I took a total of 22 pills a day and made 2-3 trips per week to the emergency room for shots of demerol to alleviate migraine pain. 

I gained 100 lbs. within a year and my overall health was deteriorating rapidly, I was in a  downward spiral. I was told by medical doctors that there was no cure and I would have to accept my chronic and debilitating diagnosis. At 45 yrs of age I was in mourning, I grieved everyday for the me I used to be, and my husband and sons grieved with me.

My family was traumatized and it was especially hard on my husband, he couldn't console me or heal me. I would only allow myself to cry when I was alone so as not to excerbate his feelings of helplessness. Chronic illness effects everyone you love and adds guilt to the already overburdened family unit. 

Throughout my illness my husband was always looking for something that might help my condition. He would search the internet, read articles, and talk with people about my illness trying to find an answer. I went to doctor after doctor and tried various alternative therapies with no results.One day he came across an advertisement about a local chiropractor who treated fibromyalgia successfully, he encouraged me to make an appointment. My first thought was that I could not take another disappointment but I went ahead and made the appointment mainly for his peace of mind.

He did not know that privately. I had become increasingly desperate with thoughts of suicide. I had not shared my intense emotional pain with anyone, it seemed too hopeless to even discuss. I had gone as far as to take my personal battle down on my knees with a hysterical verbal plea asking, "What do you want from me, I will do anything you want me to do"! (I made a conscious decision at that moment that I was going to take control of my own health, and I was going to find a way to get well!)

The thought crossed my mind that maybe this advertisement, this chiropractor may be an answer to that plea so I went to the appointment and it was the first time since my diagnosis that I felt hope again. Within 3 months of that appointment, I was 95% pain free and within 6 months I was completely pharmaceutical free, migraine free, and fibromyalgia pain free. 

Spiritually, I knew that I was being guided to a higher purpose for my life!




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