Warning: Love In 10 Words Or Less


Poetic warning against settling for less than we deserve in this February Month of Love.

February - the Month of Love. For singles hoping to be couples, February can be a month of loneliness and agony instead. For centuries, poets have captured this pain with a romantic sincerity.

This pain is powerful and can make us do the most ridiculous things in the name of finding Happily Ever After, especially with so many potential mistakes being available to us at the stroke of a keyboard.

So for all of the citizens of the Toad Kingdom, allow me to introduce you to Robert Frost whom I credit for brilliantly summing up Valentine's Day mania in only 9 words: WARNING! Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

As this month of Love rolls in, through and past, remember Mr. F's words. When you are tempted to say "What time will you pick me up?" to a date with whom you would usually say, "No Chance in Hell," remember: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but ... (only 8 words, and it's the "but" that stands out)

I know this time of year can bring about a longing to be loved. If you don't have someone already - you will. But not the Toad whom you've been debating whether or not to Block in your Online Dating queue.

How can I know this for you? Because I was you, and because I answered yes to a few of those Toads over the last few Februaries. But I beat the odds that say women - over 30 and even pushing 40 - can't find Happily Ever After. I did it, so I believe that you will too.

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