Getting Over 4 Excuses To Post A Great Picture Online


Online Dating? Are you intimidated by posting your picture on the Dating Site? Want help?


Excuse #4: I don’t know what kind of picture to post

Ok, so this one is a little more tricky. Let me offer some guidance:
Use snapshots rather than professional photos for your profile picture. Citizens of Toadsville trust the sincerity of candid shots, whereas professional pictures tend to send mixed messages.

Use a picture that shows your face – preferably with a smile.
Make sure that you use a picture taken within the last year or so – dated photos are seen as antiquated in Toadsville. Potential suitors will see an old photo as a lie.

The most important thing about putting up your picture is that you are honest about it. Own who you are, and be proud of yourself. Someone out there is going to love you and needs to be your Prince Charming. Your goal is to cut the guy some slack and send him an invitation worth opening.

Warm Regards,
Heidi Lee

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