Car Salesman Toad: 5 Confidence Tips To Help You Buy


Buy A Used Car From This Toad? If you're stuck with a Toad Salesman, arm yourself with knowledge

Ladies, Have you ever been made to feel silly, stupid or simple when trying to buy a car? You are not alone, and even though women make up a full 51% of auto purchases in the US, and influence 96% of all car sales, the majority of car dealerships are still sub par when it comes to treating women fairly.

According to, Delia Passi, former publisher of Working Mother magazine and now founder of WomenCertified, just released a new survey detailing the car buying process as well as the service experience, where women are routinely treated with rudeness, disrespect and sometimes even cruelty.

Reading this story, I couldn’t help but think....These smarmy car dealers are TOADS!! I had never connected the dots before but now I can see it. As you know, I write about the online dating community which I fondly call The Toad Kingdom. In such kingdom, there are Toads and Frogs. Little did I know how similar it is in the car sales world.

Just like the toads in the online dating world, Toady Car Dealers are out for themselves and have zip zero concern for the woman in their sites. They assume that a woman is idiotic enough to go along with whatever they propose.

“When I started looking for my last car, the first dealer I went to told me to come back when I could bring my husband with me. He clearly didn’t think I was smart enough to do it myself,” reports, a single PhD scientist at a major Michigan university. I know just how she feels.

Not so long ago, I was helping hubby hunt for a shiny new truck. Unbeknownst to the Toad Car Salesman in front of us, I am a former Business Analyst with both Sales and Marketing acumen and accustomed to working with multi-million dollar budgets.

When I asked to review the finance terms, the rude sales guy - speaking very slowly so that I could keep up - explained that the terms were quite reasonable for the rugged off road mammoth, and he offered to walk me to the lot to see the pretty color blue that Hubby picked out.

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