5 Ways To Recognize Your Prince Charming


Secrets you recognize within yourself when you've met the love of your life

Valentine’s Day often feels like Valentine’s Month, doesn't it? Especially when we look around and see all of the happy couples fawning over each other while sharing secret glances, intimate moments and Desserts. Ugh!

Citizens of the Toad Kingdom, I would guess that some of you ask, "When is it my turn to split the Chocolate Decadence?" Right?

And How will you know your Prince Charming (PC) when you meet him - whether from an Online Dating Site or at the local library?

Friends, I can share with you 5 ways I recognized my very own Prince Charming. Sometimes we focus so closely on how to Toad-Proof ourselves, we can forget that we may be overlooking our PCs because of the fear of kissing another toad.

5 Ways to Recognize Prince Charming

1. Confidence - When you are with him, you like who you are. And when you are apart, that feeling carries with you.
2. Care - You feel a soft blush when he appreciates little things about you, and you appreciate little things about him.
3. Candor - You are both comfortable being open and honest, and you feel closer when you share.
4. Calm - Being together is invigorating, and you are peaceful and trusting when you are apart.
5. Commitment - You and he both have the same definition and desire to move towards a loving and committed relationship

Friends, you will recognize each other if you keep your hearts open - I promise. Falling in love is exciting, and being in love is soothing. Love isn't anxious or manic. Love brings confidence, warmth and companionship. Your world is a brighter, happier place.

And love is settling - not settling for someone who doesn't get your heart racing no, love settles and heightens your senses so that you can truly enjoy all of the decadence of sharing that dessert.

And true love - well, he gives you the last bite.
Happy Valentine’s Month!
Loving Regards,
Heidi Lee and Prince Charming

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