Are You Living Groundhog Day Over & Over Again?


Are you looking for ways to enhance and enrich your life?

Are you looking to change the way things show up in your life? Are you hoping new relationships will develop or that new business opportunities will present themselves? Or, are you just tired of the same frustration that presents itself to you time after time?

You are trying to make things better for yourself, but you are still frustrated: as hard as you try, the same things happen to you day after day. You schedule your day, plan for the weekend, and even try new things and activities. Still, the same frustration persists. You wonder why things are so different for others. They seem to have everything they want – lots of money, great relationships, and boundless energy.

This is your interpretation; it is the story you have made up and the one you believe to be true. A story is how you determine your life to be; we all make things up in our own thinking and then our behavior follows. So, are you living Groundhog Day over and over again – hoping for a different outcome when, as Albert Einstein says, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

Here are 3 ways you can make your life more interesting, exciting, and push you forward to enhance and enrich your life

1. Decide what you want your life to be like. Take time to contemplate what it is that will really make you happy. Make a list of the people you want in your life, what are the things you enjoy doing, what events are important to you, and set your intention to be living this life in the present. By writing down your vision and your dream, you will move toward achieving it. Don’t forget to get out of your own way. Step forward and take action.

2. Surround yourself with positive people and make a decision to also be positive, non-judgemental and embracing. We all need to be seen, heard and understood; how you present yourself will impact your relationships at home, with family and friends as well as in business relationships. Positive energy and positive behaviors will attract likeminded people. Every conversation you have will build and grow strong and loving connections. Be true and authentic with yourself and all others.

3. Exercise your body as well as your mind. It is often easy to procrastinate and put off beginning or even continuing with an exercise program. But, our bodies require movement. If you are able to walk to the store or take the stairs instead of the elevator, you will find that you begin to feel better and thus happier. It can make a big difference for you. Exercise does more for people than just losing weight; it also reduces depression and stress, prevents some diseases and most importantly increases your happiness, love life, and self-esteem. 

So, do you want to avoid Groundhog Day? Take action by shifting your thinking, changing your behaviors, surrounding yourself with positive people, and truly loving yourself.

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein