4 Habits for Beginning Your Busy Day


Learn 4 Habits for Beginning Your Busy Day: Remaining Relaxed, and Being Ready to ‘Take on Your Day’

The alarm rings, you jump out of bed, rub your eyes, go for coffee, step into the shower, and find the clothes you want to wear for your busy day at work.  Does this sound familiar? For many of us, we don’t take the time to ready ourselves for a great day.

Here are four key strategies to help you make every day, great!  Give yourself a few minutes each day to develop the habit and make these routine.

1. Make time to begin your day serenely.  Find time in the morning and before you go to work: relax, listen to music, reflect on an inspirational story or quote, sit quietly contemplating something wonderful, or embrace the natural world.  Make this habit routine and you will begin your day at peace.  

2. Decide what your day is going to look like. Set your intentions and know how you want your day to play out. You’re probably thinking: I don’t have control over my day. What do I do when my boss throws something my way and it disrupts my plans for the day? That is a great question; in reality, you are the one to determine your own destiny. I don’t mean you should avoid your boss or not follow through with his or her direction but rather slow down, take time to see how the activity does fit into your day. Then, complete the task with calmness and without frustration. Take a deep breath, respond and in the manner you want others to respond to you. If you set your intention to have a great day, you can make it happen.

3. Expect the unexpected. We know that not everything goes as we expect or that everyone will react as we anticipate. Be prepared for the challenges and the opportunities that will be present for you. What will be your response be? How will you respond in challenging situations? Take the time to be mindful and choose your options. Be aware and be prepared for challenge and opportunity.   

4. Be Grateful. Whether you have used a gratitude journal in the past or you are considering using one now, noting evidence or speaking from a place of gratitude will shift your thinking and you will be happier.   Stay true to yourself and continue to do the work that is necessary and that you love to do. Your thoughts control what you speak and how you act. Be grateful and enjoy a great day.

Make your day the best it can be, shift your thinking and make decisions that will ensure you are ready to ‘take on the world’.