Cluttered House, Cluttered Relationship


A cluttered space isn’t just an inconvenient environment; it’s actually affecting your relationship.

Do you and your guy cohabitate in a house or apartment that is perpetually cluttered? No matter where you go in your home, do you find piles of books, paperwork, unopened mail, unread magazines, clothes and shoes scattered all over the place?

Here's the deal: A cluttered space isn't just an inconvenient environment; it's actually affecting your relationship. In my experience helping couples save their relationships from the brink of a breakup or divorce, I've discovered that where there's clutter, there's usually a relationship in trouble.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

The conflict can show up in a plethora of ways. For example, maybe you'll fight about who is at fault for all the clutter or how long it takes to clean the house for company. Maybe you'll start to feel overwhelmed because there's no way to get everything done and you'll take this frustration out on your man. Or maybe your guy will get annoyed that he has to buy doubles and triples of things because he can never find what he's looking for.

Whatever conflict your clutter leads to, one thing is certain: If you're constantly fighting, you're not spending your time together connecting and growing closer. So here's a solution: Choose ONE area in your home and clean it up. Start small, with one particularly messy drawer in the kitchen. Then move onto the next area, like a cluttered shelf in the bedroom. Slowly start to get rid of stuff, and as you create this physical space in your home, you'll notice that you have more emotional space to work on your relationship.

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