5 Ways To Know That A Woman Is Not Interested

Men aren't the only one's who string individuals along when they're not really interested.

Men aren’t the only one’s who string individuals along when they’re not really interested. Women do the same as well. But, what signals does a guy really need to look for to keep from wasting precious time and money? Well, they’re quite simple. The following are signs a girl is not interested:

1.She always looking around
Read her body language. When a woman is interested, she’s all involved in the conversation. If she’s looking away, texting, fidgeting, or looking for an excuse to leave, chanses are she’s not into you.

2. She's quiet
It is common knowledge that women love to talk. If, however, if she offers up one word answers and never bothering to elaborate, you have a flat liner. Likewise, if she doesn't ask you questions and shows no interest in what you have to say, she’s already left the building even though she’s sitting right next to you.

3. She’s always busy
If she says she's really busy at work, she works long hours, or simply can't make the commitment before you even get a chance to ask her out, watch out.  If you're always the one calling and/or she rarely returns your phone calls, she may be avoiding you. After two call attempts with no response, you can rightly conclude that she's not into you.

4. She avoids eye contact and physical proximity
Here is a big sign that most men are clueless about. Body language often tells more of a story than actual words. If she offers up no eye contact and keeps you at arm's length at all times to protect her personal space, it shows that she has no desire to let you in.

5. She vague when making plans
If a woman really wants to see you, she'll make firm plans. If she is vague about dates and times and is noncommittal, it probably means that she rather not be bothered.

If you are still struggling with figuring out her true intentions, consider these other indicators. If she’s not interested in you…

    * She will NEVER initiate contact,
    * She will indefinitely postpone dates with no possible make-up date.
    * She will dump all of her emotional baggage to you.
    * She will compare you to a best friend and even consider you like a brother.
    * She will talk about other guys with you.
    * However you try to impress her, all of your attempts will be ignored.
    * She will be consumed with her own life and show no interest in yours.

Guys, if you can learn these important lessons, you will save yourself a lot of time, money and embarrassment.

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