Savor 50 Shades Of Sexual Fantasy

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Sexual fantasies are necessary to keep you relationship exciting. Turn them into reality!

Romantic couples discover 50 Shades Of Sexual Ecstasy Feminists Don't Understand in Issue 4 of Happy Sexy Love App, now available in iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store for viewing on tablets and smartphones.  First, download a FREE APP on http://www.HappySexyLoveMagazine.com 

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Happy Sexy Love App creator, Hadley Finch says, "I'm excited to present Issue 4, because it not only rescues romance but also controls anger that kills respect and ruins relationships. 

As you listen to my interview with sex sociologist, B. J. Gallagher, you discover how to turn sexual fantasies into a reality without entering the 50 Shades of Grey chamber of pain, simply by using male/female energy in ways that feminists just don't understand. 

"You'll gain 8 tools to control anger and keep love alive as I chat with America's anger control coach, Dr. Tony Fiore.  He not only counsels individuals and couples but also helps pastors and law enforcement agencies manage anger in their communities and prisons.

"Also in Issue 4, you'll discover how to turn criticism and mundane duties into opportunities to earn Frequent Foreplay Miles -- Your Ticket To Total Intimacy, as I talk with author, Shela Dean.  She's a former family lawyer turned relationship happiness coach who helps couples rekindle romance even after it dies. 

"And you'll see why relationship troubles may not be due to your lover but your Love Language.  Identify your love language and see if your lover speaks it as you watch my video review of 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

"Plus I'll read Chapter 4.  Magic Lovers and share two songs in the monthly serialization of my novel with songs, Tribe Of Blondes.  It's inspired by my real-life adventures in starting a new life after a tragic loss. 

"And you'll love food that loves you back with a delicious recipe which reduces inflammation that causes illness and boosts your immune system.  Plus you'll get a few surprises that keep things fresh and fun in any relationship."

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In gift Issue 1, love-happiness expert, Marci Shimoff, reveals how to love and be happy for no reason, no matter what curves life throws.  Plus a forgiveness expert explains how to Imagine Forgiveness before an old grudge destroys a relationship. 

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