How A Marriage Counselor Forced My Divorce

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A counselor talks a couple out of divorce by challenging them to engage in an experiment with these instructions: 

  • Imagine you have a marriage in which divorce isn't possible, it's simply not an option. 
  • Ponder this marriage scenario for a few minutes. 
  • Embrace the idea that no matter how bad things get, you simply cannot divorce.
  • Think about what you will do next, once you accept the hopeless situation as the truth.
  • Give up trying to escape a marriage crisis through divorce.
  • Inspire your mind to think more creatively of ways to manage a crisis and make your marriage work.
  • Imagine things you'll do, when you can't get rid of the person who committed to live life with you.
  • Choose to focus on all the frustrating dead ends and suffer for the rest of your life.
  • Choose to change your mindset and take 100% responsibility for turning around your marriage.

With this mindset shift, you see that divorce is a failure of creativity. 

You might be wondering, "Is creative hopelessness powerful enough to break the spell of Cupid's Cocktails, when your mate falls in love with someone new?"

As often is the case, that spell wore off of my husband, who broke up with his baby woman months before we'd entered divorce court. So much damage had been done, and we had no clue how to fix it.

While my marriage was in crisis a decade ago, I didn't know about creative hopelessness. How to use this love tool to rescue my marriage and take full responsibility to make it better than ever.

How about you? 

If you're married, will you use this love tool to overcome mental blocks and marital challenges that cause half of married couples to divorce? 

If you're dating to find love, will you discuss this love tool with a potential love match to determine if they'd be committed in good times and bad, to create a love built to last?

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