A Free Holiday Gift - Why Love Dies Without It


Stop wasting money on useless gifts. Give the gift everyone wants. Love and romance die without it.

Stop searching the stores for a perfect gift. Save your shopping time and money by giving people you care about the one thing they really want this holiday season at no charge.  How can a priceless gift be free?

It’s the gift of appreciation. It’s an essential nutrient that grows happy, successful relationships. Why?

If you aren't growing, you're dying.  If you don’t tell people you appreciate them, you depreciate your relationships. That’s a universal power law.

Getting universal power working for you, instead of against you, makes your dreams come true in every season.

How do you jump start the process?

By expressing appreciation. Give authentic compliments to your coworkers, family, friends, and to your beloved mate or special date, if you’re single.

What’s the magic in this gift?

Expressing your praise to young children is how you catch them being good and promote even more good behavior. It has the same magical affect on adults, too.

Saying something positive to someone you care about creates a chain of positive interactions. It also revives romance with an intimate partner and lifts your spirits as well as that of the recipient of your appreciation. Expressing appreciation is a gift that creates an infinite win.

Want proof?

What you focus on expands, according to universal law. Focus on the negatives to get more of them. Or focus on the positives to get more of them and more feelings of gratitude for them.  The choice is yours.

Fortunately, you get to choose your focus each moment of the day to choose your results and improve your interactions.

Praising a difficult person for their authentic positive qualities breaks through negativity, gets both of you in the holiday spirit, and lessens the likelihood that their irritating, demanding or defeating behavior will steal your joy.

How does this gift spark love and romance in a relationship?

Imagine some ways you can show affectionate appreciation for your beloved partner:

Write a love letter?

Be a Love Genie who fulfills romantic fantasies?

Gift a daily back rub for a week without expecting one in return?

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