Dating To Find Love: Should You Do An Exit Interview?


Find out if you're doing or saying things on dates to sabotage love and marriage, without knowing it

If your potential romances seem to fizzle out without an apparent reason, you may be stuck in dead-end dating habits without knowing it.

Find out how one dating coach used her Harvard Business School savvy to develop a bold dating strategy that could transform your dead-end dating habits.

What is this bold dating strategy?

Bestselling author and Harvard MBA, Rachel Greenwald, recommended that you do a dating exit interview of your ex-dates to get feedback on what went wrong or right so that you can improve your interactions with future dates.

Greenwald developed this dating strategy while conducting interviews with 1000 single men to find out Why He Didn’t Call You Back — the title of her book based on these interviews (Crown Publishers).

Her research revealed that 90 percent of women were wrong when they guessed why their date didn’t call them back. Men also tended to have little understanding why women lost interest in them.

Ms. Greenwald suggested that recurring behavior habits, which you are unaware of, may be sabotaging your dates and your potential relationships. She devised a dating exit interview strategy to change that.

Although Greenwald geared this dating strategy in her book to single women seeking feedback from men, I also recommend that single men consider using the same strategy to improve their dating habits.

How do you do a dating exit interview?

You ask someone that you know and trust to contact 3 to 6 of your former dates to ask them for dating feedback. Greenwald said that your former date is more likely to be honest with a third party conducting this interview, so it is best that you don’t do it yourself.

The exit-interview goal is not to reunite with your ex-date, but to find out if your personality traits, attitudes or behavior patterns may have blocked your date’s interest in pursuing a dating relationship with you.

It is important that the tone of the interview script is gracious, designed to put your former date at ease and help your interviewer gain insights you can use to improve your dating mindset and behavior.

If you were interviewing for a job, your job recruiter would seek feedback from a potential employer. Consider using Rachel Greenwald’s dating exit interview strategy to improve your dating skills and increase your chances of creating a healthy relationship. In her book, she gives you a script to use or model for dating exit interviews.  This is one more success tool that removes hidden barriers to love and helps you get the red-hot love life you deserve.

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