True Happiness Comes From Your Relationships!


Gloria MacDonald, from Perfect Partners, on how to find true happiness.

Do you ever come home after a night talking with friends or family feeling satisfied, content, even euphoric?  When we open up, share ourselves, listen to each other, and really connect, it makes us feel like we belong.  That connection with others is the key to a happy life.  And having that perfect partner, your soul mate, to connect with is part of this.

A recent poll by Coca-Cola and ABC, shows that people are happiest catching up with loved ones (39 percent), eating with family (22 percent) and chatting with friends and colleagues (17 percent).  Facebook and Texting fall far behind at 5% and 2% respectively.

Our crazy, stress-filled lifestyles often leave us feeling unconnected, isolated and alone.  Happiness expert Marci Shimoff says that “The more deeply we open up to others and connect in meaningful ways, the more we erase the distance between us.”

Deeply connecting means talking about things that mean something.  You don't have to be deep and philosophical all the time.  But this is definitely something to consider in the dating process, especially if you can be open-minded and explore new ideas without judging the other person.  This anonymous saying expresses it well:

Great minds talk about ideas.

Average minds talk about events.

Small minds talk about people.

Shimoff says, “There's certainly more happiness in being great than in being small--and that's something we can cultivate. If you find yourself interacting superficially with others, try something new. One on one or in a group, explore big issues and share what's true for you. Notice how when you go deep, others will join you there.”

Next time you’re out on a date take some time to really talk to the person, ask them about their dreams and experiences and listen to what they have to say. Hear them with your heart and feel the connection.  Do this as often as you can and you will feel your heart filling with happiness!