The Four Keys to Relationship Success - #2 - Nurture Yourself


Gloria MacDonald of Perfect Partners talks about Key #2 - Nurture Your Relationship with Yourself

The 4 Keys to Relationship Success are the 4 ingredients to creating the loving, passionate, intimate and successful relationships that you want and deserve. 

Key #2 - Nurture Your Relationship with Yourself

An important key to experiencing the most passionate and authentic relationships is to take a look at the relationship you have with yourself. The partners we select and the people we attract into our lives are great mirrors for us. If you are judgmental or disrespectful of yourself, chances are very good you're going to attract a partner that will mirror those qualities to you. If you are compassionate, loving and respectful to yourself, you'll likely choose to be in a relationship with those that mirror back and embody those same qualities.

To experience fantastic and loving relationships, make your relationship with yourself your top priority. There are three specific areas you must examine to improve and nourish your relationship with yourself.

1. Your Thoughts

Notice the inner dialogue and thoughts that you have about yourself.  Do you tell yourself that you're stupid or that there is something wrong with you? Or do you come from a place of compassion and encouragement, telling yourself that you can try again or ask for help?

2. Words

What words do you use when you are describing yourself and your life? Are you self-deprecating? Do you minimize yourself? Every thought and word you entertain is a form of energy. Become conscious of the words you use and select those that empower and uplift you.

3. Actions

Actions speak louder than words. Do you drive yourself hard with little sleep and poor nutrition, or do you schedule leisure time into your busy schedule? It's important to live with a strong sense of integrity. When you don't align your actions with your words, you erode your ability to fully trust yourself.