The 7 Attitudes Of Highly Successful Daters-Attitude #5


Attitude #5 - Enjoyment and Celebration

The Seven Attitudes of Highly Successful Daters - Attitude #5 - is focused on getting out of your own way and letting the law of attraction bring what you want to you.  Enjoying and celebrating as you go through the dating process enables you to open up to receiving your ultimate desire.

The highly successful dater is serious about wanting to find a life partner but they make a conscious decision to enjoy the process of meeting new people and are able to celebrate all of their dating successes.  No matter how small.  Even if it's just that you got a phone call from someone (but didn't meet them). 

Successful daters are even able to celebrate rejection, and perhaps laugh at their dating "failures".  After all, every time you meet someone who isn't the right match for you, you're one step closer to finding the one that is!   Successful daters are always able to find something to enjoy and celebrate in the situation.  Maybe it wasn't the most stimulating conversation you've ever had, but the food was excellent. 

This isn't an issue of false optimism but a matter of conditioning the brain for success.  Professional athletes spend hours and hours on psychological coaching and programming their brain for success.  The smart dater does the same thing.  We can learn a lot from professional athletes.  They actually imagine themselves winning the race, the tennis tournament, or the game before the event even starts.  They celebrate their wins mentally before they actually win physically. We need to start celebrating our dating wins and successes before they ever happen. 

Henry Ford said "failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."  So maybe you said or did something on a blind date that didn't go over well.  Great!  Celebrate, because now you have an opportunity to begin the next time more intelligently.  Maybe you're feeling dejected because you've met a lot of people and you STILL haven't met the right person.  Perfect!  Celebrate, because you have an opportunity to get out there and begin again with more intelligence behind you.

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