The 7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Daters: Attitude 4


Attitude #4 - Honouring

The truly successful dater has a code of honour for dating.  Just like the military, or any truly successful team of people, a code of honour is critical to success.

All codes of honour have three parts in this order:  mission first, team second and individual third. 

Figure out what your mission is.  Is it to find a wonderful partner?  If that's your mission then your actions may need to follow a "do whatever it takes" mentality to get the job done.  This means to truly honour your mission you may have to step out of your comfort zone. You probably need to have a strategy to do something new and different to meet that special person. 

Honouring the team means honouring the other person, the person you're about to meet or just met.  The code of honour that you hold yourself to enables you to honour the other person in the way you would want to be honoured.  This includes refusing to be critical, judgmental, or nasty.  Even if you've just had what you think was the worst blind date of your life, you honour and appreciate the good in your "team" member.  You're willing to see that we are each a wonder of uncharted territory in the universe.  We will never fully know the depths and beauty of another person, in fact, we will never truly know ourselves completely.

Honour yourself.  Don't rehash every second of the conversation and berate yourself for everything you said or did.  Do not think of yourself as inadequate or undeserving.  Love yourself enough to see your strengths, your God-given talents, traits, and beauty.  Focus on how you can be the very best you, not how you can be the very best of what someone else wants you to be.  Then focus on how you can give the very best of you in every dating situation and relationship you're in.
Start with a dating code of honour:
Define your mission and honour it.
Give love a chance and honour your team.
Take a look inside and honour yourself.

Then expect to achieve total success in your dating process with your new honouring attitudes.

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