The 7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Daters - Attitude #2


Discussion of Attitude #2 - Belief in the Possibility

Henry Ford said “If you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  Dating is no different.  If you believe you will, or will not find a partner, you’re right.  Henry Ford, like Walt Disney, understood the power of “Imagineering”.  Henry Ford had a vision of the V-8 engine.  He apparently called in his team of engineers and told them to go build a V-8 engine.  The engineers came back after some months and said they couldn’t do it.  Ford told them to go back and build it.  Again the team came back some months later and said it couldn’t be done.  Ford persisted and told them to build the engine.  This pattern apparently repeated itself yet another time, and finally on the 4th try the engineers figured out how to build the V-8 engine.  You see, Ford didn’t relent because he knew that if he could see it in his mind, it could take form and become a reality. 

The highly successful dater has this unwavering belief in the possibility, just like Ford.   The successful dater has a positive attitude about his or her ability to find and have a wonderful, loving relationship.  We attract what we focus on and what we think about expands in our experience.  This is based on the natural law of vibration, which is the basis for the law of attraction.  This law states that everything vibrates, nothing rests.  Your thoughts are vibrations.  Whatever level your thoughts are vibrating at, is the level of what you’re going to attract into your life.  You literally get what you vibrate.

It’s when you can get to a feeling of belief in the possibility, knowing that whatever it is you have a burning desire for IS possible, that it’s coming into form, because this is the law.  This is the law of attraction in action.

The highly successful dater understands the law of vibration and attraction and has an attitude of success, a belief in the possibility.

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