Take Away Your Child's Fears With EFT Tapping


No more tears. A simple new acupressure method called EFT takes away children's fears in minutes.

When my daughter was 2 years old, we lived in a house with a mural on the bathtub wall. It was a Polynesian scene with a palm tree and some strange looking Tiki figures. One day, for some reason, she became terrified of the scene and refused to take a bath. I tried everything I could think of to help her to no avail. She was adamant about not stepping into the tub and became hysterical if anyone tried to coax or force her.

This went on for many weeks, and I was concerned about keeping her clean. At that time, I had read a wonderful book written by a famous psychiatrist who used to meet with groups of mothers to guide them in parenting. He seemed so compassionate and wise that I wrote him a letter telling him of my problem. His reply to me was simply to wait and not worry. He said her fear would disappear one day, and so it did—finally. Do you have similar problems with your children that make you feel discouraged and helpless?

I remember to this day how worried and frustrated I felt. Fast-forward many years to when my daughter had toddlers of her own. One day my husband and I were visiting our daughter and grandchildren. It was bath time, and my two-and-a-half year old grandson refused to take his bath. He was very upset and wouldn't budge!

Grandpa and I were sitting on the couch playing with him. Instead of trying to persuade, trick or bargain with him, we simply started to use EFT tapping on ourselves as we sang a song to the upset child.  EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is an amazing acupressure procedure. Learn all about this unique method in my book, Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing.

We started by tapping on 7 easy to reach energy points on our face and body as we sat with our grandson between us. This is called surrogate tapping. What that means is that you focus on the person with a problem and tap on yourself as a stand-in for that person. We started by tapping for only 3 seconds with our index and middle fingers where the hair starts to grow on the eyebrow near the nose. Next we moved to the outer edge of the eye socket, then under the lower eyelid above the cheekbone. Following that, we tapped under the nose and under the lower lip. The final 2 points were underneath the collarbone and 4 inches under the arm on the side of the body.

As we tapped on our faces we said, "Even though you don't want to take a bath, no way, you are a very good boy and we love you." As we continued tapping the energy points over and over, I sang these words, "No, no, no, I won't go! I won't take a bath today." Every once in a while, I would gently tap the point under my grandson's collarbone or his eyebrow point in a tickly way. We sang about hating to take a bath, not in the mood for the tub, no one's going to make me and whatever else came to mind. He liked the “NO, NO, NO” part a lot and giggled when we sang it as the chorus.

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