How To Leave The Dark Ages Of Talk Therapy Behind


Move past outmoded Talk Therapy methods and use EFT tapping to heal emotional problems rapidly now.

Scientific discoveries over the last twenty years have changed our lives and made them safer and happier. We no longer use telephones with wires attached to the wall. We drive cars with airbags and GPS to help us find our way. There are cures for many illnesses that killed people back then. But when it comes to psychology we are still in the Dark Ages! Most people believe the only remedies that work are talk and medication.

Recently two potential clients revealed that they had been receiving conventional talk therapy for 7 and 10 years. I’ll call them Stan and Mindy. Apparently their problems had not been resolved satisfactorily or they wouldn’t have sought me out. Their issues involved traumatic memories and feelings of anxiety that were still plaguing them. Yet amazingly, after learning about and successfully experiencing an innovative psychotherapy technique called EFT tapping, they decided not to pursue this type of rapid relief!

Stan and Mindy were so used to their discomfort that it had become part of their identity. I am puzzled as to why anyone would want to keep their emotional pain when relief is readily available. If you had an agonizing toothache that you could get rid of in minutes wouldn’t you jump at the chance to be pain free? You can learn how to use this method in my eBook EFT Tapping: 64 Quick & Easy Tips.

Talk therapy involves sitting with a professional and talking about your life and feelings. You discuss your current or past problems and how they made you feel then and now. You look for the origin of the trouble and try to think up ways to eliminate your patterns of negative thinking, upsetting emotions and destructive behaviors.

Until recently we believed that this was the only way to heal. Both therapists and clients refer to this as “working on an issue” or “working through it.” You must “work hard” in order to dig out the roots of the problem and find a way to leave it behind without leaving an open wound. Sometimes this requires more than one session each week!

EFT tapping, an effective Energy Psychology method that can eliminate negative emotions, beliefs and behaviors in record time has existed for over twenty years. Borrowing from the Chinese medicine approach called acupuncture, EFT Tapping teaches you to gently tap or press specific energy points to eliminate problems such as panic attacks after a few minutes of treatment. Many long time fears can dissolve in a few hours and never return. Disabling traumatic memories may heal permanently and effortlessly! Think about how much money you would save if you could change your life this quickly.

In spite of that possibility, Mindy and Stan decided to hang onto their misery a while longer. When I asked Mindy what changes she noticed after 7 years of talk therapy she had no answer. She couldn’t list any specific ways that she was feeling happier although she was still going back for more. I could see that she was so used to feeling bad that she didn’t notice that nothing much was happening.

Mindy was looking for a successful love relationship, yet each time she became romantically involved she became anxious. She calleld it fear of commitment. I explained how tapping on acupressure points could calm the parts of the brain related to stress and danger, thus healing the original wounds of previous traumatic experiences that led to her fear of intimacy.

I taught Mindy how to treat the specific negative memories in which emotional closeness led to pain or abandonment. She brought the intensity of her negative emotions about one of these memories down from #9 to #0 in a few minutes of tapping. As our meeting ended Mindy said that she would contact me for another appointment.

A few days later she emailed that EFT had worked so fast she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to “work through” the “negative parts” of her personality that she had spent years exploring with her other therapist. She needed to “get to know these aspects of herself better” before she could let them go.

Stan had seen a number of psychologists for 10 years trying to “work through” his childhood abuse memories. He talked extensively about all the past events that brought him to his present unhappy life. I explained how traumatic memories from the past that were stored in his brain could be triggered in the blink of an eye. Then he would find himself frozen in fear as if he was the terrified five-year old Sam again, not the independent, competent fifty-year old.

I suggested that EFT could put the past to rest permanently and effortlessly. Stan would still remember what happened to him, however he would no longer react. As Stan started tapping about a frightening memory I saw a look of doubt on his face. Usually most people see a significant change in the intensity of their emotion after a few minutes of EFT, but Stan’s level barely moved. I realized that he most likely had a negative belief that was blocking the treatment. When I checked that out he admitted that he wasn’t sure he believed in this hokum!  I had him tap about his disbelief and then refocused on his stress until he was calm.

Next we treated an upsetting memory that went from a level of distress of #7 to zero in less than 5 minutes. Although Stan was surprised when I asked him to revisit the memory and no negative charge remained, I noticed that he wasn’t happy that he felt better! I call this state of mind, “What’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong. That’s what’s wrong!” EFT was too far outside his comfort zone. It wasn’t Stan’s fault. He had experienced 10 years of counseling in a system that has become inefficient. He never returned.

Do you doubt the effectiveness of EFT tapping? Discover how to use it in my special CD program EFT From A to Z. My wish is that more people in emotional pain and more professionals who treat them will want to move past their outmoded training and learn how to use EFT tapping to give their patients the rapid relief and healing they deserve.

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