EFT: The Last Self Help Technique You Will Ever Need!


EFT tapping therapy is the streamlined solution that an over-stressed world has been waiting for.

When I first went to a psychotherapist for “talk therapy,” many years ago, I often left the session in great emotional pain. We would open up subjects that were difficult to face, and when the hour was up, I had to leave, no matter where we were. Sometimes I could barely see as I drove home, because of the tears pouring from my eyes. I often asked myself, “How am I going to get through the week until my next appointment?”

At that time I had no notion that I would ever become a psychotherapist. I trusted my counselor. She was well trained and very experienced. I knew that she meant well, but she could only work with the tools at her disposal. Looking back now I understand that those tools were often primitive by today’s standards.

In the last twenty years great strides have been made in the field of neuroscience that have led to innovative emotional healing techniques. We have greater understanding about how the brain works. We even know that some of our problems as adults may stem from the earliest experiences we had before or at birth; experiences we can’t possibly remember! Some of the newer psychotherapy approaches are based on the awareness that we are a body/mind. EFT tapping is one of these amazing modalities.

Acupuncture treatment began in China over 5,000 years ago and is still used as a major healing approach all over the world. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a procedure based on stimulating energy meridians in the body by gently tapping on a few specific acupressure points. You can learn EFT tapping in minutes and use it to eliminate a lifetime of fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, shame, cravings, traumatic memories, and more. You can learn how to do EFT and apply it to your life experiences in my eBook book, EFT Tapping: 64 Quick & Easy Tips.

When you hear the word psychotherapy you most likely think of “talk therapy” in which you attempt to dig out the roots of your problem and try to find a way to heal it without leaving an open wound. This may require more than 1 session each week and cost a great deal of money! EFT works much faster than previous psychotherapies and accomplishes more without causing pain. “But,” you may exclaim, “I have to really, truly, deeply, understand what created this problem. I have to take time to talk about it over and over until I feel better. I may even have to  work through this by reliving some of my most awful memories.”

“Talk therapy” is like going fishing. The client and therapist sit in a room together like fishermen in a boat on a lake. We know that there are fish in the depths, but we can’t see them. We spend the therapy session casting our lines into the waters of the mind. The fish we seek are understandings and memories that may lead to healing moments. Sometimes we get a nibble but come up empty. Other times, we catch a big one. We win some and we lose some. We keep trying, week in and week out.

Many of you have talked and talked for years in order to understand yourself better, thinking that insights might make all the difference. You may become aware of what triggers your desire to stuff yourself with sweets, but just understanding that doesn’t stop you from raiding the cookie jar in the middle of the night. Or you might be able to list all the times you were molested by a relative, but your nightmares or intimacy problems won’t automatically disappear.

With EFT you don’t have to fish around! Using this wonderful person-centered approach enables you to go directly to the healing power within you. You will rarely come up empty. Each time you use this technique, healing takes place. The process is so streamlined that it takes much less time to work through problems than using traditional “talk therapy” or other self-help hints. And, best of all, you can use it by yourself on most of life’s problems. You can learn how to do EFT and read many success stories in my award winning book, Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing.

Freedom from misery is at your fingertips when you use EFT tapping. You will be able to:

• Dissolve negative emotions, anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame.
• Eliminate panic attacks and phobias.
• Solve problems in your daily life immediately.
• Overcome procrastination and addictive cravings.
• Improve your performance in sports, work and even sex.
• Enhance physical well-being, sleep better and relieve pain.


I believe that Deepok Chopra once explained that there is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain is necessary for your health because it tells you that something is wrong, especially in the medical sense. Suffering, however, is self-inflicted. If you are ready to give up your suffering, start to use EFT tapping. EFT is the streamlined solution that an over-stressed world has been waiting for.

(Disclaimer: If you suffer from a mental illness such as Bipolar disorder, Personality disorder, or Schizophrenia please make sure that your doctor or therapist is supervising you.)

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