Finding More Time For My Relationship


Time is life's most precious commodity. Use it wisely!

Time management is an issue often spoken of in a business context. Executives and business leaders are constantly looking for ways to maximize their most precious commodity which happens to be time. Productivity and effectiveness are increased with an intelligent and strategic usage of time. Why is it that most of us do not emphasize the importance of time management as it relates to our personal lives? What would an extra fifteen to thirty minutes a day do for you as it relates to:

  •  Your relationship with your spouse or significant other
  •  Your sex life
  •  Your ability to spend time with loved ones
  •  Your ability to reach out to relatives and close friends and actually be there for them
  •  Attending family functions
  •  Making your son or daughter’s after school activity
  •  Attending those Parent Teacher meetings

Clearly, a better use of time will result in a higher quality of life. The ability to utilize life’s most precious commodity as effectively and productively as possible is an ongoing challenge. Life balance is an issue that only the individual can answer. Careful personal examination of what brings value to an individual will differ from person to person. No matter how time is managed currently the question to ask is what if I could get an extra fifteen to thirty minutes a day? How can a person manage their time better?

Time management is a popular topic for books and articles. Personal and professional development cannot take place without this topic being addressed in one way or the other. It is common knowledge that your most critical tasks need to be accomplished first and that the individual should plan their day rather than have others plan it for him/her. We all know these things yet few of us take steps to actually do it. The answer is that time management is not really a time management issue but rather a time perception issue! How we perceive time will have a dramatic and lasting effect on our professional and personal lives.

The individual is the Captain of his/her own ship. To truly take control of life’s most precious commodity (TIME!) the Captain must have a plan for where he/she is going. Priorities must be set. Personal lives are all about relationships. Relationships are meaningful only if there is true value being delivered by both parties. To accomplish this time must be provided for in suffecient quantity and quality. The Captain must set priorities that allow for meaningful time to be spent developing and nurturing relationships. This will allow for the Captain to “be there” in his/her relationships.

Any effective time management improvement process or system should work on the following items:

  •  Getting Organized
  •  How to set Priorities
  •  How to set goals
  •  Reacting versus Acting
  •  Stress Management
  •  Procrastination
  •  Attitude Development
  •  Learning to Say NO!

The value of investing your time and energy in a time management process or system is essentially the living of a more balanced and successful lifestyle. Relationships are difficult to maintain through rough patches. Living the life you want is possible. Maintaining the relationships that bring true and long lasting value to life’s journey will be more likely if sufficient time and energy is devoted.

Learning to manage time more effectively will allow you to live your life on purpose!