Why Old Gen Y Hates To Online Date


Why this one segment of a demographic are the final holdouts on embracing online dating.

Stop me if you've seen these before: "I never thought I'd do online dating, but here we are." "I was always pretty skeptical about online dating, but I haven't been able to meet someone the normal way and I'm sick of bars." "I can't believe I'm on an online dating site." "Let's lie about how we met."

I'm on online dating sites and I'm reading more online dating profiles more often than the creepiest creeperton you can imagine. I'm not really that creepy, but I am a professional online dating coach so it goes with the gig that I am doing this so often. My familiarity with online dating profiles spans every demographic you can imagine; from 18 year olds to 75 year olds.

Those statements about not wanting to be apart of online dating, more often predicate a certain dater's online dating profile: 25-35 year olds. Old Gen Y's, my peer group.

Single friends of mine refuse to go on online dating. Even though they aren't meeting anyone they like on their own, they scoff that online dating just doesn't feel right. They want to connect "normally." They want to meet someone they already "know." 

I can't say this feeling is a bad thing. There's a permeation of technology into our lives these days that supposedly has us all so connected but actually leaves us feeling pretty hollow emotionally.

And it's my own "Old Y" generation that has grown up on the cusp of this barbed social technology. We are old enough to have childhoods filled with rollerblades, scraped knees, and bug poking, slowly interwoven with Tetris, dial-up modems, and first generation flip phones.

As a result, Gen Y has straddled life with one foot in technology and one foot offline. Not surprisingly, we've chosen which parts of our lives we want to pursue in technology and offline. It's a coin toss to which side online dating makes the cut.

The "online dating as a last resort" folk struggle with seeing how their parents and older siblings met their loves and connected IRL ("in real life") and wonder why they're incapable of this as well.

The youngest of five kids, I viewed all of my older siblings and meet their spouses "organically." My still happily married parents met in the most romantic comedy fashion I can imagine—at a laundry mat. Everyone I've ever been in a laundry mat with scares the heck out of me. 

The odd thing is that the singletons of our parent’s generation are joining online dating sites in droves. Individuals over 60 are the fastest growing demographic in online dating. Keep Reading...

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