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Why Dudes Love Online Dating

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It means these men are struggling in real life and thought this medium would be more useful. Are these men just too shy? Or are they looking for something specific that can't be known when they approach IRL (in real life)?

  • 25 percent of all respondent said that are most likely to fail at in person dating/approaching because they don't go out enough;
  • 25 percent of respondents said that they are too nervous to talk to someone they're interested in when they are out; and
  • Men were more likely than women to be nervous talking to woman in this situation.

Let's digest that stuff a little bit. A lot of men are at home. They are not going out. A large portion of men are shy, insecure and/or inhibited.

It seems there are a lot of eligible men who want to be dating but are not pursuing it in their real life situations either because they are too nervous, too shy or not going out enough to do it. Have men lost their drive to meet women in person? Is it because they are unwilling to spend much money on finding love, with 96% of respondents saying they wouldn't spend anywhere near 1,000 dollars to meet someone they'd want to date.

Is staying on the couch the new courting behavior because it's cheap and easy? Maybe. Or maybe these men have always existed and online dating is giving them lifeline that wouldn't exist otherwise to actually meet a date.

Do these stats correlate with what you've experienced from men and online dating? Are there more shy men? Does online dating give shy men more access to dates? Or has online dating made men more shy IRL?