Was That...? Seeing Someone You Know On An Online Dating Site

Finally a-hole came up. We promptly took note of his user name, as well as the other guy we knew, and added them to her list of blocked users. We then clicked the "hide" next to their box so that they wouldn't show up in search results again.

Getting Around the Problem:

For those of you who live in a small town, community or suburb, maybe this story is familiar. You're always a little vulnerable when you do online dating, you put yourself out there for others to see and know you, which means sometimes the people that see you aren't who you want.

It's unfortunate, but shouldn't mean we stop online dating because, if you take it away, you also take away a chance to meet someone special. Take time to figure out the privacy features of whatever site you're using.  If it requires you to purchase some kind of upgrade package to cherrypick who you want to have access to you, then do it. Also, it is worth it to explore different sites-- they have different options regarding privacy. Only you know what your peace of mind is worth.