8 Weeks Toward Dating Smarter

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Great news about an 8 week program that will have you back to driving your own destiny

I am almost done putting my dating program together and it's pretty exciting!
All of these years of thinking and trying different things in my own life and helping others to find and maintain healthy relationships is flowing out of my head and onto paper more easily than I imagined.
I've been thinking of doing this for years but never thought I had enough time and didn't trust I could put it all together. I hired an assistant and she has been incredibly helpful by keeping me on task and adding her own ideas and thoughts.
I'm getting great feedback and help from all my friends and colleagues and I think I might be able to launch it in the next few months on a test group.
We will be meeting 8 weeks for 2 hours each week. The focus will be on learning more about yourself and what you want in relationships so when you do date you are driving your own car, metaphorically that is. After the first program is completed and I've tweaked it I hope to take it on the road through technology and hold some webinars with video.
If you know anyone who'd be interested please send them my way.


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