5 Reasons Millennials are the Biggest Advocates for Legal Marijuana

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Millennials have different views about marijuana.

The tidal wave of propaganda that's been aimed at marijuana for decades is beginning to fade at last, and now a large number of "Millennials" are looking at how that will improve their future. The fact is, they are young enough they still have most of their working life to get through and the cannabis industry has room for many professions so their choice is obvious. They push for legalization so they can begin reaping the benefits.

Following are five of the biggest reasons most Millennials feel like legalization of marijuana is the key to a more secure future, and none of them are because marijuana would then be more accessible for personal use.

Racial Profiling and Legalization

Legalization will ruin illegal dealers by creating jobs and possibly help ease some of America's racial tension. Minorities appear to suffer most due to the images propaganda on marijuana has created. They don't use any more or less than the average Caucasian, yet they are locked up on a regular basis more often than not simply because black markets flourish in poorer neighborhoods.

Affordable Education

When marijuana is finally legalized, the chances of getting a decent education are going to go way up. In the US, to continue an education after high school most people have to go into some serious debt. The cost is unbelievable. In nearly all the states funding for higher education has been cut. Why? Because they say there isn't enough "discretionary" money in their budgets. There is a student debt loan crises brewing in America that makes achieving financial independence almost an impossible dream for too many young adults.

Changing Attitudes and the Law

Even people who aren't familiar with cannabis will tell you it feels wrong to jail someone for it. Legal records like that are extremely detrimental to a young person's future and it isn't right. Considering all the cash required to equip and pay law enforcement, plus what it costs to maintain a single person sitting in jail for a marijuana offense, it's beyond ridiculous. It only wastes resources law enforcement can't really spare, most especially their time.

The Right To Better Health

No matter what the problem is, denying people the safe relief cannabis can provide isn't going to last much longer. Medical benefits of marijuana are so well documented even the worst of its critics have had to admit it's true, the chances of cannabis killing you is zero while its chance to help stands at 100% on most medical conditions known to man. Pharmaceuticals vs nature? There is no comparison and that's something else critics hate to admit.

Marijuana and Financial Independence

From planting the seed to passing it over the counter at a dispensary, the business opportunities for legal marijuana seem endless. When the US Cannabusiness is all grown up, it's going to be worth billions in new cash flow. Millennials are already in place to get their share. Take NugRepublic for example. This thriving site is the perfect model for what one can achieve in the "weed" business.

If the wrong people know you're doing it, there are still many places in the US where you risk your freedom over marijuana use even behind closed doors. Legalization will put that worry in the past where it belongs. Millennials aren't the only age group tired of the whole issue. The general consensus these days is "legalize it, collect all that tax money and then put it to use helping this country heal itself."