4 Wild And Craaazy Things To Check Off Your Summer Bucket List Before You Die

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what to do this summer


Summer is the time you want to try all those wild, wacky things you’ve always heard about but never had the time (or the right type of weather) for doing.  

Most summer bucket lists have to do with seeing and experiencing things in the great outdoors. They are often a once in a lifetime adventure, but for some bucket list items, the thrill is so great, it has to be experienced again and again.  

If you're deciding on what to do this summer (whether single or in a relationship), here are 4 fun summer activities to try:

1. Zip line through a forest.

Zip lining is the newest and coolest way to visit nature’s wonders. It was first designed by biologists as a low environmental impact means of studying the delicate eco-systems in the rain forests. They’ve been incorporated into our National Forests for the same reason, but also, zip lining is plain fun.  

A top notch zip line is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Giving you two hours of pure entertainment while feasting your eyes over the sweeping forest, the minimal price is a complete bargain!  

Rated number one by Trip Advisor, enthusiastic supporters have included couples over sixty and people who were afraid of heights, but were so sympathetically received, they felt comfortable and confident with their ride.  

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2. Ride the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster.

After catching your breath, you can check off another item on your bucket list easily by just taking a short drive to the nearby town of Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg has a Mountain Coaster Ride with giant dimensions wild and wooly enough to feel like the zip line, only you’re zipping overland.

The ride has a unique feature; you control the speed while whipping around corners and twisting through the forest. Try it once by day, and if it dazzles you, hop on for another dizzying trip with a whole different perspective, by night.

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3. See horses run wild.

The Smoky Mountains have an incredibly long history, but much of the culture was forgotten as the human migration pushed west rather than north.

In the Smoky Mountains, you’ll see ponies and horses running wild, although they are not technically wild horses. They are descended from horses left behind by early settlers who had either tired out or moved on.

Still, there is something absolutely inspiring about seeing horses in the wild. A favorite place for viewing and for snapping pictures is at Cades Cove, Smoky Mountain National Park. The horses are fed and cared for, but allowed to run free through the mountains.  

They are untrained, which means they are not very friendly either, but they are magnificent to watch and you’ll end up with memories that will last a lifetime.  

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4. Go to a real Barn Dance.

A refreshing aspect of the Smoky Mountain inhabitants is they never left behind their culture. They play the same music, have the same dances, traditions, and festivities their great-great-grandparents had one hundred fifty years ago.  

In the Smoky Mountains, you can attend a genuine barn dance, learn to clog, listen to musical instruments rarely used by modern performers, and join a wide number of traditional summer festivals.  

The Great Smoky Mountains has a more temperate climate than most of North America’s ranges. Its gentle summers add extra spice and energy to your ventures. Both the wilderness and the settled areas have an unspoiled quality and a richness in variety that makes checking items off your bucket list easy.  

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