4 Fun Activities to Try Next Time You Visit the Smoky Mountains

Buzz, Family

The Smoky Mountains are so majestic!  They’re fun to look at, huge, colorful and daunting, especially from the ground floor.  But at some point you may wonder to yourself: Okay I saw them…now what do I do now?

Have you ever had thoughts like this on a vacation out in the mountains or the forest?  It’s understandable.  Without a specific itinerary, you will never have the complete Smoky Mountains experience.  It’s not enough to simply gaze at the mountain peaks.  A real Smoky Mountains getaway involves seeing the natural attractions, the downtown Gatlinburg attractions, and the many perks along the way.  Before you finalize your trip make sure to include these four activities that will make your trip exciting.

  1. Visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The mountain views are only about 10 percent of the whole experience.  Don’t forget to visit the park, which is a half million acres in total area—an excellent place to view wildlife and enjoy some hiking trails.  Not only is it great exercise, but being able to see waterfalls up close, caverns, unique rocks and of course, the many animal and insect life of the area is a naturalist’s dream!  There are guided tours available, ziplining activities, as well as fishing.  Remember it’s best to enjoy scenery actively and not passively.

  1. Visit Dollywood and bond with Dolly Parton!

As this article at Mountain Air Cabin Rentals states, you can’t miss a trip to Dollywood.  It’s like Six Flags but with a western theme and a great sense of humor.  This isn’t just some pony show…we’re talking 40 different rides, live music, cowboy reenactments in the streets, and dinner theater all within the park.  The Dollywood Train and sky lift are also staples of the theme park and popular with tourists of all ages.

  1. Visit Ripley’s: The Many Attractions

We’re not talking just one Ripley’s but five in total.  The Aquarium featuring an array of dazzling aquatic life, the classic Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, with its tributes to science and history with exciting interactive exhibits, the spookiness of the Haunted Adventure, the thrills of the Moving Theater, and the Mini-Golf Courses, you’re sure to have a blast.  One thing that is common among all Ripley’s attractions is a love of the “bizarre”.  Come make a day out of exploring Ripley’s in Tennessee.

  1. Unique Tours and Outdoor Sports

Over at the Great Cabins in the Smokies website, we see more fascinating tours and unique ways to tour the great mountainous territory.  Helicopter Tours, operating since 1972, give you a wondrous bird’s eye view of the enormous Smokies.  Other sports and outdoors excursions include horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and even a Titanic museum, with 400 artifacts and interactive exhibits.  The Gatlinburg Roller Coaster is another great attraction that takes you down the mountain in a thrilling ride at high speeds.  

While you will be amazed to see the Smokey Mountains from the ground up, don’t forget to have the full experience—from the air, from the roller coaster and from the greater downtown area!