Brilliant New App Lets You See Through Lies On Dating Sites

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Truth in online dating ...?! We never thought this day would come!

What is it that makes online dating one of the most exciting and yet most frustrating systems existing within the online arena today?

If you’re like many users hoping to find their perfect match through any one of several pre-established services available today, it should come as no surprise that what you see on a profile isn’t always "what you get."

Studies show that as many as 80% of online dating profiles contain inaccuracies.

In an effort to reform and reinvigorate an industry that is rapidly gaining a reputation for being altogether too murky, a new mobile app called bTru has created a mobile dating tool designed to ensure that users arrive at a first date excited about the possibilities for establishing a fulfilling human connection.

Worrying if the person you've been chatting with on Tinder is really who they say they are is a thing of the past.

Security Is King

One of the unfortunate truths of online dating is that a real-world "first date" is as much a compatibility question as it is a personal security problem.

For those who are just entering this new arena, the words "always choose a public place" or "don’t forget to take your phone" are probably all too familiar at this point.

According to the experts at bTru, the key to ensuring a safe and comfortable first meeting is establishing and verifying both dating partners before any real-world encounters take place.

Not only does bTru aggregate user information against their social media profiles, but it also allows prospective daters to run background checks on those who they believe might be worthy of a real world encounter. This is a handy tool for all those taken guys and gals trying to find a side dish on online dating – busted!

Chemistry Developed Through The Web (Really!)

Although an almost obsessive amount of attention gets put on the "first meeting," bTru also believes that individuals can learn a lot about each other simply by chatting online in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Both voice and chat features are available to all users of the app and you use them whenever you want. That way, you avoid using your real number until you're ready.

Better yet, the app gives people the ability to avoid being duped by someone who looks nothing like their online dating photos. bTru gives users the ability to take real time, time stamped selfies to send to people they’re matched up with. Sorry, ladies, filters won’t save you here.

Those pairs who believe it’s time to begin interacting with each in a more personal manner can quickly transition from the in-app chat functions to an authentic “first date”.

Privacy Is Permanent

For those users who aren’t yet ready to divulge their personal information to the rest of the bTru community, the mobile app allows for discreet interacting at all times. Thanks to bTru’s inherent compatibility with a variety of other popular dating apps (Tinder, Match, all your favorites), it’s possible to incorporate bTru’s functionality into the dating process whenever you are ready. bTru can simply be used as a chatting tool.

Ultimately, the creators of bTru have delivered a product which places authenticity as priority number one. For those individuals who are ready for no-nonsense dating (and does anyone really have time for nonsense in dating?)

bTru is definitely worth a download. Get more info on bTru here. bTru was also recently included in the Huffington Post article 4 Ways Online Dating Isn’t So Scary.