7 Ways to Decrease Your Stress - NOW


Do you have a tremendous amount of mind chatter that goes on beneath the surface?

Do you have a tremendous amount of mind chatter that goes on beneath the surface? Many people have self talk conversations that are negative abusive statements such as “you should”, “why did you do that” and “what is wrong with you?” These can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm as we try and quiet the mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to speak with gentleness and kindness to yourself? To be loving and respectful of all you say and do.

Do you know how to steer your internal conversations onto the right track? I have outlined 7 questions to ask yourself to help you get grounded and mindful of what is happening in the present moment. Take a couple of minutes and ask yourself these questions.

1) In this moment, what are the sensations I am feeling in my body? There are many times that we can "feel" in our body when we are going to react or say something that we may later regret. This may be a knot in our stomach, tightness in the back of our throat or neck or face strain. Recognizing these sensations can go a long way to helping you proactively respond in a different way.

2) In this moment, what am I doing? Stop and ask yourself this question. It can help you focus on what is actually happening in your here and now experience, and to not make assumptions about why you are doing what you are doing. When our mind chatters, it is often worrying about what lies ahead. To stop and focus on here and now, you can quiet the mind chatter.

3) In this moment, what are the facts? This is not up for interpretation, just the facts - The reality of this moment. What are your 0bservations in this moment: When you consciously and objectively look at the facts of your current situation, it can help to ground you into the present moment.

4) In this moment, what are my thoughts? This is the mind chatter, the shoulds, the coulds, the expectations and also the intellect as it strives to make sense of the world around us.

5) In this moment, what am I feeling? These are the physical sensations that are going on in your body in this moment that are attached to emotions. Feelings can be felt in the body, thoughts occur in the head. You may be feeling happy, mad, sad or scared. Often what we feel can be an extension of any of these emotions. When you name your feeling, you can claim it to get control over it.

6) In this moment, what do I want? This is putting some ownership of what we want into our “in the moment” experiences. This question does not relate to what do I want in my whole life it means what do I want right now? It may be that you want some rest, some peace of mind, some laughs, a drink of water, a pat on the back. Whatever it is you want, it is up to you to name it so you can then take ownership about creating it in your life.

7) What can I do about this right now? This is the action piece. So many of us have ideas about how we can solve our problems or fix what is ailing others. The greatest question to ask is “what can I do about this right now – not 10 minutes from now, but now” . We often lose sight of the simple things we can do NOW to help us relieve our stress or anxiety. You may be able to write a list to gain perspective, breathe deeply in the moment, have a short nap if you are tired, do some yoga breathing to get reenergized.

By asking yourself these questions you can quiet your mind and embark on your journey into being more present in the moment and living the life you want. Start by asking yourself just one and see what you notice. How do you feel?

Please let me know what you notice when you ask yourself these questions.

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