Would You Marry a Man like Tim Tebow?


The Tim Tebow effect has been taking over the nation, and women are just as fascinated as the men.

By Marianne Beach, GalTime.com

No doubt about it, Tebow mania is sweeping the country. The Denver Bronco's quarterback has managed to capture the hearts and minds of many (young and old). You can't go anywhere these days without hearing his name. Some guys love that he always seems to beat the odds and eek out a win, and the ladies? Well, sure, Tom Brady's hot and all, but Tim Tebow's just so darn nice!

Of course, the player now known in many circles as "God's Quarterback" has made a name for himself (and caused some controversy) for wearing his religion on his sleeve.

Many GalTime readers picked up on that. When we asked, 'Would you marry a guy like Tim Tebow?', here are some of the reactions:

Kim says absolutely. "Young, rich, handsome, Christian!! What's not to love?" Beth agrees, adding, "A man who puts Christ first in his life, would be and is a good husband."

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"Women are responding to him because he is attractive and his nice-guy image is pleasant to watch. The soft-side he displays due to his spirituality is attractive and refreshing," say sports relationship coach Leah Jantzen, author of How to Score with your Man by Being a Fan.

But The Tim Tebow Effect goes well beyond religion, according to relationship experts we spoke to.

"Tim Tebow represents the one thing that women desire more than anything... commitment!" says Relationship Management facilitator V. McLeod. "His discipline and devotion to his faith reveals a propensity to commit and be faithful...Tim-types have the sensitivity, soundness of mind and lets face it--the sexiness that really appeals to women."

"First, he is a highly talented and successful and strong young man," adds psychologist Dr. John Duffy, author of The Available Parent. "Regardless of your beliefs, he also stands shamelessly and openly by what he believes. I work with one young woman who loves that Tebow openly loves his mother...I think he reminds many women that they really want someone who is kind, strong and loyal."

GalTime reader Nancy says the star athlete is also an all-star guy. "Smart, athletic, considerate, humble, sincere--can't say enough good things about Tim Tebow!"

Hold on a second! Since when are we looking for nice guys? Isn't it the bad boys that are always stealing our hearts? Since when do nice guys finish first?

"Bad boys look out. Tebow is making you look back and is getting all the attention...think twice before you display your bad boy image," says Jantzen.

Is it time for men everywhere to take a page out of Tebow's playbook?

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"I do believe that women want guys who are 'nice' but also 'strong, passionate, successful,'" says dating coach Hillary Rushford, founder of Dean Street Society. "In a guy like Tebow we get to see both. Too often I think men lose a bit of their strength and confidence, which is why them seeming 'nice' is less appealing."

But, says Relationship and Communications expert Stephanie McKenzie of whatthelove.org, it's important to remember that Tebow isn't your typical everyday "nice guy"--but a famous nice guy.

"The truth is that the famous nice guy has something that the local nice guy doesn't--unattainability, and this is the factor that keeps most women daydreaming about a guy like Tebow, as well as the bad boys they met last weekend," Coach Steph says. "Unfortunately, the nice guy down the street is both attainable and predictable, and unless a woman is into that, he's losing the race against a bad boy who is unpredictable, witty, and mysterious. In essence, the unattainability of Tebow makes him a bad boy, dipped in nice guy...now that's a girl's favorite treat!"

In the end, we really only know what we see on camera, and GalTime reader Dana reminds us that a lot goes into choosing a mate. "I'm sure Tim is a great guy, and being a Christian is about what you do each moment in every interaction, not on announcing it to the world. I don't think he's better than anyone else, and agree that the measure of how great a husband he'd be can only be determined by how he treats his mate in good times and bad, sickness and health."

What do you think? Would you marry a guy like Tim Tebow?

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