Why Younger Women Date Older Men


It's not just French women who date older men. Just look at Mary-Kate Olsen! Can it really work?

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Karla Moore, a certified Dating Coach, agrees, “When I was single and in my twenties I was attracted to older men. I think women choose to be open to being attracted to many kinds of men (casting a wide net) and don’t only focus on men in their twenties. They are also being pleased in the bedroom in a way that their 20-something male counter parts are asleep about.”

But aside from the sexual upgrade, young women may be clueless about big picture implications of dealing with a man that has personal baggage like an ex-wife and/or children.

“This ends up being a very complex family dynamic for the 20-something woman,” Moore says. “She may be thrown into being a stepmother and may not fully understand what that role will entail.”

Has Olsen begun to think about the responsibility involved in being with a man with two children and an ex-wife?

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“It takes an emotionally intact woman to be a step mother or a wife of a husband with an ex-wife,” Moore points out. “The average woman that goes down this road is rudely awakened by the complex reality that rears its head. As a woman in your twenties, get honest with yourself and listen to your instinct about this life you will embark upon. You deserve the best! Men that have baggage typically do best with women that have baggage too.”

Through the test of time, the concept that older is better has become socially established and engrained in our minds. Because people associate age with experience and experience with better performance -- women will probably forever want to date older men.

But if you’re going to date an older guy, Hartman recommends figuring out where he stands on important things like marriage and kids before it gets too serious. "If his situation is too complicated, think about if it will negatively impact your life." And if you're a young woman in your twenties-- you have a lot of life ahead of you.

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