When it Comes to Sex, Should You Fake It?


To fake or not to fake? That is the question.

By Laurel House for GalTime.com

Your styles clash. He’s a jack-hammer and clearly believes that faster = better. You prefer slow and deep.


You are almost raw, desert dry, and totally over it.

You’re thinking “can you just hurry up and finish?!”


…It’s simply not going to happen.

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A. Fake It and give the guy a break

B. Feign suddenly “remembering” that you’re supposed to call your mom, meet with your professor, or finish a paper that was due yesterday.

C. Fess up, in a nice way, that it’s not going to happen tonight. Maybe even make up an excuse like “I’m just super tired,” or “I just have so much on my mind.”

If you selected A- Fake It- sure, you might have gifted him with a false confidence that he’s great in the sack, but the reality is that he actually doesn’t know how to please you, but thinks he does. Bad on so many levels. You just did yourself a serious disservice.

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If you selected B- Feigning- at least you haven’t mislead him into thinking that that final jack hammering to the point of making your teeth chatter was a winning move that he should now forever repeat to complete the deed with you, but still, you have also prolonged your potential pleasure. It’s not exactly hurting your cause, but it’s also not helping. I mean really, who wants to have ho-hum sex again?

If you selected C- Fess Up- nicely done. Just because a certain technique worked on someone else, doesn’t mean that it will work on you. We are each built slightly differently, we have different experiences and different preferences. Styles don’t always mesh up at first. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t. Fess up during or after your sex session. If he A. is listening and B. actually cares, he will make adjustments to his style, and you too should pay attention and accommodate his preferences (just because he’s a guy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always easy for him to get off).


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