What We Can All Learn from Bethenny Frankel


Mega-mogul-bestselling-author-tv-star Bethenny Frankel is on top of the world. Lessons for all of us

I admit, I’m not really into watching reality TV like The Bachelor or Survivor but when it comes to Bethenny Ever After, the show on Bravo about the American dream, um, I mean self-made millionaire Bethenny Frankel, I started to take notice. Week by week on Monday nights I became glued to the TV at 10 p.m. ET for a dose of escape television with a message.

Sure, she shares way too much information at times with cameras rolling, therapist sessions included, but there’s a lot we can learn as working women from the woman who recently built her Skinnygirl margarita brand, penetrated the male alcohol beverage industry, sold it for $120 million and oh yeah, got married and had a baby within one year. Let’s just say there’s a reason why her book, A Place of Yes, is on the New York Times bestseller’s list. And she’s not done yet! Reports have circulated that she’s developing a talk show and has an array of products coming out within her brand . As her empire exponentially grows, let’s not forget it all started with a foundation, brick by brick.

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Since her show is currently on hiatus, here are five doses of Bethenny, coming from a Place of yes.

Own it. In one chapter, Bethenny dishes about taking responsibility. “Wear your heart on your sleeve,” she says. As long as you own it, “It will be your ally and greatest defender, no matter what you’ve done.” As hectic as our lives are, if we don’t truly recognize who we are and take credit for our behavior, both good and bad, then who are we, really?

Act on it. It always seems that people I know want to write a book “someday.” Or lose five pounds. Or learn how to speak Italian. Whatever, the case, I sometimes ask them, “Why don’t you? What’s stopping you?” In one chapter, for example Bethenny underlines the importance of removing the blockage and outlines the difference between acting on something that is truly doing it versus thinking about doing it. She writes, “You stop thinking and start doing, even if you aren’t sure where it will lead.”

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So, you want to write a book? Sit down and start typing. Want to lose a few pounds? Get up and walk. Honestly, I’ve found that often times the act of just doing requires much less effort than thinking about it, dwelling on it and rewriting it over and over again on your weekly to-do list.

Separate from the pack. If you watched the first few seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City, you may have noticed something blatant: Bethenny stood out. Was she a wealthy housewife from Manhattan? A feisty New Yorker yes, but wealthy and housewife, that would be a double negative.

She managed to break away from the pack, actually in the book she says she was “on a mission.” While the other housewives were planning dinner parties, Bethenny was getting it done. Landing book deals, building her Skinnygirl brand, out and about. “When you put everything on the line, it’s exhilarating and sometimes it’s disappointing but it’s always an adventure. And then what? You go back to your old life? Never!”

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Find Your Truth. Who are you? Really, who are you? Ever leap to the depths of the earth to do some impeccable soul searching? Even if you haven’t, it’s important to know who you are and start with baby steps. And once you do that, you can truly live in the moment. Bethenny writes that she used to count down days until the next big event but now she “doesn’t ignore the now.”

Celebrate! This rule brings sweetness to life and reminds us to savor each bite. “You choose happiness. You don’t wait for it to choose you,” she says. In other words, make it your business to be happy! For instance, during this past season she threw a hideous sweater party with husband Jason, daughter Bryn, assistant Julie (a.k.a. “Coordinator of Chaos”), and had a blast!

So, if you’re a Bethenny fan, what’s one or two things you’ve learned from the successful entrepreneur? Share them in the comments below!

By Career Expert Vicki Salemi for GalTime.com

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