5 Tips For Better Online Dating

5 Tips For Better Online Dating

These tips will give you the edge you need to find your online love!

By Elizabeth Glasband, Author of Are You Kidding Me? A Journal of First Dates, Flings, and Finding Love for GalTime
making online dating less stressful

Have you considered signing up for Match.com, eHarmony, or any other dating website, but fear it will be just one more chore to do? Or are you already on there and you just don’t like it as much as you thought? Sure some dates can be disastrous, but some can be AMAZING, and the process doesn't have to be painful.

It's all about streamlining, planning out your timeframe, and having the right attitude. Will every date be romantic and magical? You can guess the answer to that is no. But even if it isn’t that great, sometimes you walk away with the funniest stories to tell, and it is all worth it. I have experienced that many times before and I just published my first book about my dating experiences. Are You Kidding Me? A Journal of First Dates, Flings, and Finding Love details my journey of five years of dating in the city and all the ups and downs of looking for “The One.” Online dating is a big part of my book, and I learned many tricks on how to make it more enjoyable.

5 Tips for Better Online Dating

1. Don’t feel guilty about not responding to all emails. What do you do when your inbox is flooded with emails from guys/girls that you have zero interest in? Just thinking about responding to every one of those is so stressful. Do you have to put everyone else down and say you aren’t interested? The answer to that is definitely not. Everyone always says how much they love honesty, but to get a rejection email every time you send someone a first email is worse than just being ignored. Most people know that some people on there aren't active or aren't paying so they can't respond, etc. So in my opinion, unless the person sends five emails begging for you to tell them why you aren't responding, just let it go and respond to the people you think you might have a connection with.

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2. Set a time limit beforehand for dates. It is important to plan ahead and tell your date that you can meet for an hour for a drink, or whatever activity you are doing. That way if you want to get out of there, you can easily. And if you like the person (and hopefully you do), you can always stay. Your date most likely isn’t going to say anything about the fact that you only said you have an hour, and if he or she does say something, your plans could always change.

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